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  1. Hi Guys, thanks for your kind remarks, Scimitar yes your quite correct, should have read Armstrong Whitworth A.W.16, i had a senior moment. Duly edited.
  2. My latest build, a backwards conversion from the Choroszy Modelbuld A.W.35 Scimitar. At its time when being tested for deck trials.
  3. Thanks for the kind comments, the reason i'm making the P.V. series of aircraft from the early years , is purely for the fact i actually live on the isle of grain, where the old Port Victoria airstation was. Normally my interest is for the british silverwings interwar types, of which i have made many as well.
  4. Another one built a while back. Again scratch built, much more information around on this machine compared to the P.V.4 i recently posted though. http://
  5. Hi Guy's, thanks for your kind comments, i will post some images of the other port victoria builds i have completed to date, as soon as time allows. as for the future when all are finnished i hope to display them together in one setting.
  6. After many months of searching for info on this one off prototype,i only ever came across two images, from which i have made up a 3 view plan in 1/72 scale,With only the wingspan known ,in order to scratch build this aircraft, to the best of my ability. So here it is finally finished. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] Lastly a couple of period shots! taken from a similar angle to the only known images i could find. [/URL] [/URL] That m
  7. grainman59

    Sopwith Baby

    Hi AMstreet, I Have a copy of the Windsock Datafile on the Sopwith Baby, this has scale drawings in 1/72 and 1/48 scale, will try to scan and send to you if i can work out how to do so, as i'm a newbee to this. I have converted an Airfix Sopwith Pup into a Port Victoria P.V 1, which was a modified Baby.
  8. Can anyone help me regarding this one off prototype, 2 seat floatplane from 1917 , i understand that it never actually flew due to a lack of a suitable engine, i have found a couple of pictures on the net. but does anyone know of any 3 view drawings or plans, i am hoping to build this along with the others in the series, if i can get enough information, seems to be quite a lot of info on the other Port Victoria series of aircraft but not this particular one. Thanks in advance Chris.
  9. On my last trip to Old Warden in june i took some shots of the background between the parked aircraft up from the control tower to use as a scene for when the model was finished so that it looks at home. The cowling panels were done with kitchen foil, put on with microscale ,micro metal foil adhesive. The chrome looking rocker covers are done with a very old humbrol no11, this seems to give a much more shiny finish in my opinion than what the newer tins do these days.Many thanks for the kind comments. I just had to scratchbuild this aircraft as i feel it has a important place in history and
  10. Finally finished my latest build, with help from fellow formites for much in the way of information and scale drawings on this machine, and to John Aero for supplying the engine and prop.I used a Matchbox Hawker Fury as a donor for most of the parts, which were suitably cut,shaped and sanded to as near to scale as i could get, the fuselage was the only major part that had to be built up from scratch, maybe the wheels are a tad too big, but otherwise i'm quite happy with the end result.
  11. Hi HAMP man, I started off by using thin electrical wire unwound and rolled under a steel rule on glass to get straight, but found this too cumbersome and time consuming as the wire was too easily bent, also getting the right length was very awkward. The matchbox Fury 1 and hawker Demon above were two of my earliest attempts at this. I now only use thin ez-line elastic ,even this i thin down by parting with a sharp blade, to get differing thicknesses, depending where the lines are going to be installed. Cheer's
  12. Silverwings Era Biplanes- Part 2. Contrail Vac-Form, Blackburn Baffin,820 squadron, HMS Courageous. Airfix, Hawker Demon 1, 4 Squadron, G-BTVE, Demon Displays. Airfix, Bristol Bulldog 2a, 56 squadron, G-ABBB, RAF Museum, complete with reversed rotation propellor as per kit. Contrail, Vac-Form, Fairey iiif/Mk4M/A, 8 Squadron, B Flight, Khoraksar, Aden. Karaya Resin, Fairey Flycatcher 1, 408 Flight, HMS Glorious. A-Model, Hawker Fury 2, 25 Squadron. Matchbox Hawker Fury 1, 43 Squadron, Historic Aircraft Collection's, G-CBZP . CMR Resin, Gloster
  13. The replica Hawker Fury built by Viv Bellamy went to Jerry Yagen's Fighter Factory in the USA a few years back and became N31FY, it's still there according to the FAA N- reg website
  14. Hi fellow formites, Many thanks for the kind comments, I use Tamiya xf16 flat aluminium for the fabric and doped areas, Humbrol 11 silver for some of the other shiny bits and where possible kitchen foil with micro metal foil adhesive, tried aluminium Bare-metal foil but could not get on with it very well. The Tombo high speed fury was a bit of a challenge, borrowed some parts from the Matchbox Fury 1, they also did a Fairey Fantome which i have yet to pluck up the courage to start, Tombo only made these two kits back in the 70's i believe. The Omega Fox was modified to represent the protot
  15. Thanks for the comments Roger, your spot on re the background. Cheers, Chris
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