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  1. Cheers mate I really appreciate that Awright buddy cheers
  2. For a snap kit this is incredibly detailed and IMO the best kit available at the mall moment Entirely brush painted
  3. I see where your coming from and the idea behind this was that it had been hastily painted in the field with a white wash as many were and I agree it could be used for both finishes This was a simple job , I first painted the base as it would have looked then I gave it a watered down coat of white matt then I just dry brushed it in streaks of white matt to give an uneven look I hope this helps you out
  4. Cheers Mick I never new that I thought it was just a figure , on the pistol I thought it was the FB Vis P35p the polish hand gun the Germans aquiered when they took Poland but it could be either as both were based on the Browning only the P35 was a good weapon Thanks for the info
  5. Thanks for pointing that out Ciao I hadn't noticed but I will leave it as it will give me know how to avoid it next time The snow was in a pack from woodland scenics
  6. Nice kit this although for all the detail it's missing straps , that gas mask canister must be held on by Velcro I hope you like it and comments welcome
  7. Cheers Chris, yeah this is the revell release but it's the same kit as the moebius release
  8. This is the rebox of the moebius kit I used some black oil paint to create some shadow so I could bring the detail out
  9. Mine went together fine Wayne, I never had any fit problems but I have read about others have it could be a storage problem , I've had kits that have been terrible but people who built the same kit say there's was ok
  10. I'll look out for one of those brushes I've got a GW by me so I'll take a gander
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