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  1. I WANT ONE !!! What a cracking job you made of that
  2. All good with the link from Tato, thanks for the offer. Get them built, nice kits apart from the cowling
  3. Instructions. From Tato did the job. Thanks for all responses
  4. Anyone know where I can lay my hands on a copy? Got a kit without any Thanks in advance Paul
  5. Green it is then !!
  6. Have just picked up the Revell boxing of Zvezda's T-14 Armata Beautiful looking kit.................dull decals !! I have been searching for other options anyone know of any ? Cheers Paul
  7. After some assistance, does anyone have a copy of the instructions for this kit ? Happy to cover costs for an original set. Anyone know if they're available online ? Had a look without success T I A Paul
  8. Something to go on !! Thanks fellas
  9. T8247741

    B-17F to a B-17E

    Hi all, What major differences are there between an E and an F ? I have the 1/72 Revell B-17F on the way but want to build it as an E. Any pointers would be appreciated Regards Paul
  10. It's two thirds built, when I've calmed down I'll finish it !!
  11. Anyone else as disappointed as me ? HEAVY mould lines Poor clear parts Soft plastic Poor fit Airfix appear to have taken a couple of steps backwards..............not sure I want to take the Sea Fury out of its bag now
  12. I have followed the rules ? This is not posting items for sale, it is signposting to the items for sale. I am not a commercial seller, just clearing out my stash.
  13. I have listed some Star Wars kits for sale in the FOR SALE section
  14. What a little cracker ! Could be tempted to one of those myself.
  15. Absolutely FANTASTIC, great paint job !!
  16. Nice build, was tempted to one myself but heard it's a bugger to build ?
  17. Got one of these in the stash, hope it turns out as good as yours, cracking colour scheme by the way !
  18. Very nice, working on one at the moment, will be a 43 Squadron FG.1, look forward to seeing more people posting these
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