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  1. Please take care, mate. Modelling is important - but not as important as your vision.
  2. Terrific build all the same. It just looked to me like an add-on and with your skills I thought you might have added it. Great work as always.
  3. Did you put the "256" moulding on the turret or was it original to the kit?
  4. I'd like to report my Tiger I (Early) is weathered and that my Tiger I (Late) has the zim on ready for some paint - but I can't. Can anyone tell me where mojos go when they take off and hide? And how to get them back from wherever it is that they go?
  5. Good to see another braille scale masterpiece on the way.
  6. I thought they were attached to a new secret weapon. The first invisible tank hull.
  7. One lives and one learns. I think the IDF crew referred to the opposition as operating Tirans at one point.
  8. Just saw a bit of Valley of Tears on TV. Some IDF Shot KALs in defense of the Golan Heights against a lot of Tirans. One of the Shot Cals was hit. One crew member injured and needed pulling out of the burning turret. Another crew member was trapped by debris and two others went back in to release him. The crew were in there several minutes with little flames all around. Were Shot Cals particularly fire resistant? Or was this artistic licence?
  9. I'd lend you my binoculars....................... You have to look through the wrong end tho'
  10. Or if you're looking for something to get back into perhaps a one-seventy-tooth Revell Tiger?
  11. Top link stitched on with a little weld? The lower links would still be removable for running on if necessary.
  12. Or build an operational tank passing by to take up some space in the dio?
  13. Great build. I'm currently trying to complete the Airfix Matador. Hope it finishes up at least half as good as this one! Like the diorama too - just right.
  14. Great work. The detail in the texturing and Zimmerit looks really good; as does the PE and the welds and, and, and.... all of it really. Shaping up well to be a well-worn Tiger. Looking forward to see the rest of the process.
  15. Awesome build: almost a shame to paint it, but sure it will look fantastic in the end.
  16. I saw an on-line modeller using Mr Cement S. You hold the parts in place and brush the cement along the seam. It flows into the joint and sticks the parts together. I have not tried it yet but the modellers video made it look easy. (Famous last words?)
  17. Talking of turret bins................... Have a look at this from about 4 mins in. I rest my case about Tiger factories.
  18. Looking forward to the build here. I like the look of Cromwell tanks but was the Cromwell much use as a tank? I've read some history and they don't get a very good press in places. I quote from Mark Urban's book on the 5th RTR in WWII. " As for their new machines, this also proved a major bone of contention. Most of the armoured units scheduled to take part in the landings in France were to continue with Shermans. The 7th Armoured Division has been chosen to receive the latest version of the British designed and built cruiser tank, the A27 Cromwell. In 5th RTR they had become unashamedly Americanophile in tank matters, so they cast a jaundiced eye upon the new vehicles. Soon there were loud complaints about the poor reliability and fighting qualities of the Cromwell. 'Our first impression of it was that someone had dug up an 13 from the museum and was having a very bad joke,' said Sergeant Wardrop. The difficulty of escape from the driver' s compartment when the turret was at certain angles led to mutterings about a 'death trap', and the slab-sided turret (as opposed to one with angled sides and thus a better chance of deflecting an enemy shot) compounded the sense that the Cromwell had been conceived by base barnacles rather than front-line tank soldiers. The cramped crew stations enhanced a feeling of vulnerability for those inside, whereas the roomy interior of the Grant and Sherman had been good for morale. There were some who could see more positive qualities to the the restricted interior resulted in part from the fact that it sat a couple of feet lower than the Sherman (making a smaller target), was faster and its Meteor engine was derived from. the tried and rested Merlin aircraft motor. Reliability had indeed been designated the principal quality required Of the Cromwell ahead of firepower or armoured protection - by the Whitehall and army committees overseeing tank production, following the angry reports in 1941-42 about the hopeless performance of the A 13 and Crusader. In time the tankies would learn that this had paid dividends. While the discussion of the tank among the old sweats in the Shakers Wood Naafi increasingly expletive-filled. in the early spring Of 1944 in the Royal Corps had appreciated the real Achilles heel of the Cromwell and indeed the this lay in the inadequacy of the 75mm gun to both tanks. Page 212/213 The Tank War. Mark Urban and from Robert Kershaw's "Tank Men" Sergeant Jake Wardrop, receiving instruction on the new Cromwell tank, acknowledged it was fast, 'but apart from that it was a disgrace'. Those who had seen action asked more disturbing questions than those who had not. Some veteran tank commanders were cross-posted to green units to share their experience, but in the main men were blissfully unaware of the technology gap. Veterans saw little point in unsettling them as they would find out soon enough. It was thought that an experienced driver could safely drive the tank around a Panther, which had a slow traverse. Its cyclic gearbox enabled it to turn on a circle. Carson had to 'jump' the tank during driving demonstrations to show off its Christie suspension. 'No one went into details about the shortfalls,' he explained, 'we simply knew the Germans were bigger.' Jake Wardrop was less compromising. 'I hold the designers of that tank and the men who ordered its production personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of men who fought in those tanks and had a lot more guts and common sense.' Page 298 Tank Men. Robert Kershaw
  19. Frustrating when things happen like that! IMHO "turned out ok" is a major understatement - it looks fantastic. Enlarge it and park it in a Tiger factory and someone will come along and nail it to the back of the turret on a real Tiger.
  20. Couldn't have put it better myself. The exterior is tremendous and matches the interior completely. Terrific detail very well executed. Great work!
  21. I'm not a military person but I've read a lot. I don't know whether to feel profoundly concerned or to get into a towering rage at the thought of our lads facing mines in a LANDROVER, protected or not. Great modelling, the detail is terrific.
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