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  1. Beginnings of some mud to conceal the gaps in the track links. More to be done but a little progress at least.
  2. Back in the mancave after a winter working in the study. So messy jobs now possible. The wonky track runs, though corrected a little, still need some mud to clog the gaps. Now with added mud to cover the gaps. Still lots to do. The "mud" needs some attention but at least there's been some progress.
  3. The weathered & battle weary su's were probably the most lethal, operated as they most likely were by hardened and experienced crews.
  4. Looking good. These Russian assault guns look so menacing. I'm building a couple of Pegasus Hobbies SU152 and a Zvezda SU100 in 1/72. They were pretty lethal; capable of taking out Tigers and Panthers so long as they got the first hit.
  5. Hope you're soon fully recovered. Back pain is so debilitating - I have some expeience of it myself.
  6. Your fight paid off big-time. I think succeeding despite problems often provides a greater sense of achievement than a straightforward build. My problem builds always look like they've been a problem. You had to tell us about the problem you had with this otherwise nobody would know.
  7. I'm not an expert but from a quick look round the internet it looks like the re-fuelling access was under the hatch in the middle of the rear engine deck. Here's a pic of the Bovington Jagdtiger engine bay. Maybe the nozzles at upper left and tight feed fuel tanks through fittings no longer in place?
  8. So the story continues. The crew now rest after unpacking and loading the ammo on board. Great modelling, very impressive all round with detail and paintwork.
  9. My thoughts exactly. If it isn't real I don't think shrinking real AFV and submitting them as models is really fair to those of us without access to the necessary equipment.
  10. Conversely, if you're trying to manoeuvre a heavy aero engine into place in awkward conditions in the field might it not swing and rock about on the way to mating up with the transmission? If the maintenance team was in a hurry I'm sure it would be banging about and tools would be dropped left right and centre, not improving the paintwork at all.
  11. Superb build. Like the weathering and chipping. The tracks look great. Obviously a heavily used panzer.
  12. Looks like you've 20 years experience putting zim on German AFV rather than a 20 year gap.Impressed with your work here.
  13. Terrific build! Your efforts with this have really paid off. Looks so realistic.. (Couldn't find a sign that says "Brilliant Job")
  14. Yes, just like that! (to coin a phrase.) Terrific repair!
  15. The WWI display at Bovington conveys a little of this with the early tanks rolling up to a trench. Must have been terrifying to meet these seemingly unstoppable machines for the first time; especially when they were behaving so aggressively.
  16. echen

    DIY Decals

    Thanks for your response. I'm using an inkjet printer and compatible inks rather than makers' megabucks products. My previous attempt using transparent decal film worked fine, even with microset/sol, but I wanted to get better colour reproduction, hence the white paper. I haven't got any acrylic clearcut so I'll try that if my ordinary humbrol gloss varnish lets me down in a test I'm planning.
  17. I know what you mean about link and length tracks. I've only done two in 1/72, the Revell Tiger II and the Tiger I. The Tiger II was the easier but still very tricky. echen
  18. No need for humble pie here! I normally build armour but you should see my attempt at a wingy-thing today. There's shedloads of cause for me to tuck into some humble pie. Like your factory fresh Tiger lots. Which Tiger is it, by the way?
  19. I very much agree. Crews on both sides frequently availed themselves of items they knew would be useful from the surrounding countryside. Food, livestock, scrap metal for extra armour and, of course, pillows might all be "liberated" for use by the combatants. I like this nice detail. It tells a little story about the occupants of your Marder on its travels.
  20. From "Panzer Ace" by Richard Freiherr Von Rosen I read that the companies consisted of 1 Tiger for the company commander, 2 Platoons each with 4 Tigers and a light company with 8 Pz. IIIs. I think I recall reading somewhere (but, needless to say couldn't find the reference to quote here) that the Pz IIIs went ahead to establish where the opposition was before the Tigers pushed through to use their superior armour and firepower to deal with it.
  21. Nice M8. Vignette looks good too. Like the scrap dotted about in the foliage. Looks very realistic.
  22. I keep missing things. Even posted a RFI before spotting something that needed correction! But I find posting WIPs really helpful with picking up things that need adjustment.
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