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  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get some resin or 3D printed ammo belts for my 1/35 figures, I can see .30 and .50 but want 7.62 or similar. I am in the UK but can only find really expensive shipping ones from overseas.
  2. Ok stupid question. I have been on wikipedia and can't find the difference between a mark 1a and Vb. can anyone tell me? And which type did the legendary Douglas Bader fly? I am thinking of doing his as I have been inspired by his story since being a little modeller.
  3. thanks all for the help, this is making my decisions much easier. You never know I might actually thank you all by posting my build!! warts and all for the average modeller.
  4. Ok on a roll now!! which one the mark 1a or theVb
  5. this is really good guys, thanks. your help is much appreciated and is also not to technical for a non spitfire expert. Andy
  6. This may start a major discussion but here goes. I want to build a large scale spitfire 1/24 airfix or similar. my question is which one is the most accurate / best kit ? what resin / etch do I need to make a reasonable representation. I am not a super modeller and I am not rich. I would appreciate any help members can offer. Thanks in advance Andy
  7. Thanks fellas for replying so quickly as a newbie to the site I appreciate it.
  8. Help!! I am building the matchbox tiger kit 1/700 for my brother who served on the Blake in the seventies. I need the numbers for the ships hull ( C99 times 3)and the letters B and L for the flight deck. Has anyone got any I could beg or buy?? many thanks Andy
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