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  1. Outstanding artillery build. Details are awesome!
  2. They both look fantastic sitting in the snow. The guy in the TD's turret sure looks cold...I could imagine the Crocodile making short work of all that snow!
  3. Fantastic wreck. Makes you wonder if there are a couple of those old, rusty relics still out there...somewhere.
  4. Wow, I like this one even more than the Charger. Awesome work, two thumbs up for you!
  5. You can't go wrong with a Charger...police or not, they are awesome.
  6. I for one just call them Jaaaaaags. Love #44, looks real enough to drive!
  7. I do love me a Centurion (especially an Aussie one)...yours is simply awesome. Well done!
  8. Wow, that's some serious angling on the turret front! Very nice work, love the weathering.
  9. Awesome old van, really well done. I assume these things had a key start too as well as a crank? My Dad's old '72 Nissan Patrol had both.
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