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  1. Thanks for the good points but I agree the props are overdone, must remember to tone them down the next time there is matt black in the airbrush.
  2. Well the "modest" version came with the kit but I do have some of the "racier" versions unused as only bought to get some more decals. I've built two of the variants from the Eduard boxing and ran out of of stencils.
  3. Nice choice - will be interested to see which paints you use for the Landor livery as I keep shying away from that scheme. Mike
  4. For the 2001 Airshow at Leeuwarden AFB, F-16A (MLU) of the Dutch Air Force was painted with a special tail scheme depicting 323 Squadron's badge of Diane (the hunter). In latter years it has carried several other tail designs (most of which are available from Daco Products). The only photos I could find of this airframe from 2001 had rather boring loadouts but I did find an undated one where it has live GBU24s and AIM120s (though with a plain tail - so I've wielded my Modeller's Licence to produce this combination) It was built from the Eduard "Nato Falcons" limited edition boxing of the Kinetic plastic, which included resin seats, exhaust, wheels and photo etch for the cockpit and some airframe details. It is one of my earlier efforts which never got fully finished - I'm not too happy with the fit around the nose BUT Kinetic's use of multiple choice panels to enable various Block versions to be built can lead to fit issues. Painted with Gunze acrylics, decals are mostly from the kit though those on the armament were mainly from the FighterTown F-14 "extras" sheet. Mike
  5. This model was started in the Mediterranean Theatre GB but stalled after a decal disaster which can be found here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235079643-23-squadron-mosquito-fb-mk-vi/ In July 1943 23 Squadron was based at Luqa in Malta with a mix of Mosquito Mk II and Mosquito FB Mk VI. One of the latter was HJ675 (code YP-V) which for a short time was regularly flown by Flt Lt (later Sqn Ldr) Paul Rabone who went on to become a WWII "Ace" before losing his life in July 1944. Several of the squadron's aircraft were used for long distance intruder missions (on 19/07/1943 Paul Rabone flew the longest such sortie to date at approx 5 hours), hence the use of underwing fuel tanks rather than rocket racks. Anyway, enough background info and time for some photos: This Tamiya kit was mainly painted with Mr Paint colours and as a relatively new airframe at the time has minimal weathering. Mike
  6. This build stalled just before the end of the GB after a mini disaster with the main fuselage decals (both roundel and squadron codes). For some reason I couldn't get the starboard roundel to conform over the ?conduit? on the the lower fuselage. A second attempt with one of the kit roundels didn't go much better and applying gentle heat from the hairdryer cracked the top fuselage joint, which you can see partially rubbed down: During subsequent attempts to fix the seam I managed to damage the port side decals too An appeal in the Wanted section for any spares from the Xtradecal 23 squadron sheet yielded nothing but then I discovered that Fantasy Print Workshop did both the roundels and dull red letters, so after a repaint and re-varnish of the offending fuselage section the Mozzy was finally finished and is now in RFI. Mike
  7. Nice choice Stu and a 100 series. Which livery? Mike
  8. Welcome (back?) To the world of 144 airliners, I am sure you'll enjoy this kit and look forward to reading your progress. For painting try a tin of Halfords Appliance White - most airliner modellers use it and it gives excellent results straight from the can. Mike
  9. That's going to be BIG in 70tooth scale but if you achieve the same finish as the Comet it will be awesome. Mike
  10. I've not entered an airliner in a Group Build for well over a year, so time to make amends: This will be the Zvezda A321 kit with RicWarcup decals and Bra.Z winglets to build N701FR "Otto the Owl". Having relatives in Colorado, we have flown to / from Denver several times in recent years and I'm always drawn to have a walk around Concourse A and get photos of the Frontier aircraft that are on the gates. Mike
  11. Let me be the first to congratulate you for a great model. The weathering looks good and the seat is awesome. Mike
  12. Hi Diogo, A superb model, especially as it's the first one you've really given full effort to. Will now have to go back and read your WIP thread. Mike (who still has a BA 747-236 waiting in the stash to be built)
  13. Wow, this looks great! Any build issues are NOT obvious. Mike
  14. A great looking model (and one that takes up a lot of space, mine won't go in the display cabinet but is also too big for the usual plastic storage crates ) Mike
  15. This looks like a good excuse to build a Frontier Airlines A321 - and as a bonus it doesn't clash with any other GB that I'm looking at.
  16. Another great build Alex - saw this one at Heathrow while returning North in February last year and you've done her proud. Mike
  17. At the risk of repeating comments - a great model of an unusual livery.
  18. Count me in if this ever gets the go ahead - I tried floating this one last March and it got as far as 16 interested modellers. Will try to find my post in the Archives later. Mike
  19. A fantastic pair of Tridents, the extra modifications were well worth the time and effort. Mike
  20. Any combination you like BUT it must be ASSYMETRIC
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