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  1. I've been lobbying Tamiya for several years to do a 1/48 Dodge WC 54 Meat Wagon. The molds could easily be modified into a Dodge Weapons Carrier, Command Car, 37mm Anti-Tank Gun Carriage, etc., etc. To me this one would be a license to print money and would easily join the other 48th WWII kits for Armor and Aircraft Dioramas. Cheers!
  2. How about an AOP 6 or 9 in 48th and 72nd. I know I'm asking a lot but I can dream...
  3. You're welcome... I just bought a MiG-19 from another manufacturer which I had planned to super detail. At least I hadn't finished it and had Clear Prop announce it. I'm sure this will be THE MiG-19 kit. Oh happy day!!!
  4. Sad to hear about the C-140. Such a great looking aircraft. Ah well... Amodel, Modelsvit, Special Hobby, anyone, anyone, Bueller...Bueller...
  5. Thanks for doing all that. You're the reason we're getting a kit. It never fails. When someone comes close to killing themselves on a build and finishes it, that's when a company announces a new from the ground up injection molded kit!!! I've seen this time and time again. Thanks for all your hard won work on this. You've made the modeling supreme sacrifice! Cheers! FTOSOTP
  6. Can hardly wait. Too cool for words!!! Now if they'll do a C-140 my collection of military biz-jets I've always wanted will be complete! I've only wanted this for 25 years. Just super! Rock on Sword!!!
  7. Wasn't the tail on the Airfix Sea Harrier too short as well. It seemed to me I read that somewhere. I'd like to have an FRS.1 but for now I'll stick with my Hasegawa kits. I think I've got 8 of them.
  8. Only if they start with an accurate "K" model. I think they'd sell a bunch of those. Revell AG started to modify their D into a K. If you've never looked at the inside of the fuselage haves you can see the clear beginnings of work on the molds to do a K but I guess Revell found out what an extensive mod it would be and shelved the idea. Cheers!
  9. AMT did a B-26 in 48th back in the day. Don't know what happened to the molds but haven't seen one in forever. I had one and it was nicely detailed with a well done interior, etc. If you can find one check it out. Cheers!
  10. Thanks Wojtek. I missed that one. Love your 'B' so I'm sure the 'D' will be a great kit.
  11. Your all wrong. It's going to be a P-51D to follow their P-51B. But I'm never right so it's probably an A6M...or a Spitfire, or...an airplane!!! All I can say is it will be a cracker, if their P-51B is the bellwether of their current 72nd kits!!!
  12. Thanks for the LINK to the Da Nang site. What a great resource. I plan on sharing this one. Cheers! Doug
  13. To the Country of Ukraine, all her population in general - keep your heads down, be safe and please try to keep us informed, if you can. Our prayers are with you all. God bless.
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