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  1. I went for the Revell RV65155 Set 1:144-Type IIB German Submarine in the end. It looked to be a decent scale, and had some paints/glue thrown in, as my Dad has none at the moment.
  2. The 400 scale one might be too small for my dad then. I will take a look at the revell 144 ones, thanks very much.
  3. Sadly the 1/72 Revell one is well out of my price range for this, which is a shame, as it looks very nice. This is the Airfix one I was looking for, but is out of stock everywhere. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/das-boot-u-boat-type-viic-starter-set-1-400.html
  4. What (cheapish!) U boat kits would you recommend for a newbie? I've been thinking of getting my dad one for Xmas, and I don't think he's built a kit since he was a kid many years ago! It doesn't have to be a perfect kit. I was initially looking for the Airfix U boat starter kit, and but that seems to have been out of print for years. That would have been ideal as he'd have had a few paints and stuff to start with, and if he got into it he could get more paints, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  5. I've been trying my hand an airbrushing, but I can never get the flow quite right. I'm using a Badger 350 airbrush, a Spraybee compressor (I suspect this is the issue, but I'm not in a position to replace it. it has a water trap and pressure dial, but does it need some sort of regulator?), Tamaya paints and thinners. But the paint either doesn't come out at all, or comes out speckled like this (the black came out easir than the white, but both were Tamaya, and both mixed 70:30ish Thinner:paint) :- The pressure is about 20psi, but the dial bounces around so
  6. This is so good - are there any WIP pics of it?
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