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  1. And some more progress for today! The seat and the engine nearly complete!
  2. Hello again!!! After some time here we are again with an update. Cockpit is nearly ready.... There you go: Base colour is not 100% as shown in the pictures... It seems that taking pictures of my work is not one of my strong skills... Some work has been done in the engine as well, with the first colours already applied: Your comments both welcome and useful for me
  3. Hello again!!! My progress is quite slow due to heavy work load this period there it comes... The cockpit with some paint on it... at least the first steps... The base colour is Guzne 302 with some black added to it, while details are painted with Vallejo. Still looking for correct colour reference of the actual P-47 cockpit as i am mainly finding models, thus its not 100% safe... Your comments are valuable as always!!!
  4. Thanks for your input. For one more time its very helpful for me!!! It seems that its NMF from the photo posted by greatgonzo. As far as blue is concerned the FS15102 seems to be equivalent to 2030 Model Master. According to the table i found its not available by Gunze or Tamiya. I have never used Colourcoats and i am not sure that they are available in Greece. In reality i have never heard of them in the past. Thanks a lot for the picture!!
  5. Thank you both guys!!! I am still learning... and your input is valuable. Tbolt: by the area behind the cockpit you mean the one marked below i suppose. Correct? Would you have any suggestion for the colour of the blue strips?
  6. Thanks a lot Tbolt!!! Sorry but i cannot understand what is NMF. Could you please let me know what you mean? As far as the engine is concenrned sorry but again i can't get what really you mean by turtleback mags. I think that terminology in English is not my best sorry about that!
  7. Its time for me to start my 7th project This meant to be the well known kit from tamiya: From reviews on the web it seams thats an easy going and enjoyable build... Looking forward for that!!! From a first dry fit it seems that i will need some putty on the bottom side of the airframe. I decided to buy a Thundercals decal sheet and planning to reproduce the 1st option, Albert Schaffle's plane. The only photo references i managed to find are the ones below: In case there is some input by you guys it would be more than welcome!!
  8. Thanks a lot Dave. Its my first attempt on exhaust stains with an airbrush. I am glad you find the good. I think this is the link i copied and generally speaking i know that here the picture load full size... Next post i will upload them here too. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hello People!!! Here is my 6th model ready for inspection!!! Hellcat F6F Late OOB - All comments welcome and really helpful in my attempt to improve my skills and knowledge! Thanks in advance for your time!!! Regards, Yannis
  10. Fantastic job!!! I am thinking of building one this weekend and I think i will use yours as a guide. A quick question what kind of colors you used for the camo?
  11. Cockpit Assembled: I did also some work on the engine. I havent tried wiring an engine yet and i didnt do so either here. I hope i will do so on my next project: Thanks for waching!!!
  12. Hello guys!!!! The cockpit of my corsair is ready for asembly. I added some detailes and washed all parts. I also added the eduard seatbelt set. There is some pictures of the parts. I hope later on today I will post the cockpit assembled. Your comments on my work will be valuable as always!!!
  13. Really nice job!!!! Which is the shop of cooper tape? And what is the thickness? Μπράβο!!!
  14. Great job and detailed presentation!!! Thanks a lot for both!!! Keep it up!
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