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  1. The exhausts would belch huge flames which the Russians could see from far off. This why later models of the tank were built with deflectors. But the crews in Russia with their newly invented Tigers had to come up with their own solution. David
  2. They have built an "impossible" Tiger. It has features of the earlier and later models combined. No such Tiger would ever have existed really. That's how you can tell it's a replica. David
  3. The basic rule with the Tiger cupola is that one of the visor holes faces directly forwards. So, the hatch ended up 72 degrees from forward. David
  4. I don't know what you're building there, but the cupola angle is wrong... David
  5. It would be easier to email me! The address is on my pages at TIGER1.INFO David
  6. The idler wheel on a Tiger (if that's what you are talking about) was movable to set the track tension. Up to 30 degrees from the vertical, either way. David
  7. There's an error in that Tiger kit : it specifies the wrong kind of mantlet for the "A2" decals. Totally my fault. David
  8. Those are not new. They've been available for over a decade. At least two model kits have been based on those photos. David
  9. That Tiger "C" ? It's one of the three Command Tigers belonging to s.Pz.Abt.507 in early 1944. Nothing to do with Grossdeutschland. David
  10. I've been looking over it. I can tell you that one of those five stowage bins is not appropriate for the kit at all. It's for another version of Tiger. The version that carries the bin is an "Initial Tiger" but the kit builds an "Early Tiger". There are decals provided for use with that bin, and they're suitable for the bin, not for the kit. David
  11. The "Kursk Tiger" project should be easy, because many of these Kharkov Tigers ended up at Kursk, with new paint and new numbers. So Dragon can simply re-release that kit some day as "Kursk Tiger". It should also be very straightforward to make a "Meyer" out of it. Let me know if you get serious about this, and I will list the changes. David
  12. Off the top of my head, it should not be too difficult. The mantlet will be the biggest problem because Meyer had a "thick wide" mantlet that no plastic kit provided until Dragon released their 6950. The new kit coming from Border Models is also supposed to have this mantlet. Rye Field put the holes in the front plate above the driver's visor. That's an error for a Fehrmann tank but it's actually what you want for Meyer. One problem that you will face is the hull roof. The kit has a rear cover on the engine compartment with the "triangle" panel added, and the hook on t
  13. As far as I know they fixed it immediately, so you will find it only in kit 5001 "Tiger 1 Initial Production". David
  14. You can't see the pic? Well, THAT makes no sense. It should be accessible from anywhere. Try posting this URL in your address bar and add the missing http ? ://tiger1.info/pictures/Britmodeller-sample-1.jpg Anyway, no it doesn't help at all, we can't see the paint pattern on almost any of those Tigers, let alone 241, so I wasn't able to draw it for Dragon. But I'm pretty sure that the 7008 paint was applied by the crews. Some of these tanks look suspiciously like they have a lot of 7008 green, more than they were supposed to. The differences between
  15. The base colour was RAL8000. The guys restoring the Tiger at Fort Benning still find bits of it. The tanks were supposed to be given a pattern over that using RAL7008. There's no reason to think they didn't. But it just does not show up in B/W photos even when it's definitely there. Tiger 241 needs a few modifications as you know, It had thicker tow cables than 141, in fact it had the standard cables used in all subsequent Tigers. They were stored with their ends to the front of the tank. That makes the hull roof so different that Dragon are representing 141 and 241 wi
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