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  1. Thanks for the very kind comments, I really appreciate it. Next on the beach is the 1/32 Tamiya spitfire mk ixc, it's 3/4 of the way done already, needed some replacement parts. Hopefully later in the week I'll have a primer on it Jeff
  2. Thank you for the comments. Was a real fun build
  3. Here is my newest member to my display case. This is the wonderful 1/32 Tamiya p-51d mustang, and my version of Urban Drew's Detroit Miss with a few items added to the build. The few items added were the Barracuda resin tires and barracuda cockpit decals, and a few scratch items around the batteries such as the cables etc. Paints that were used were by alclad spray metals and the rest of the paints were by Mr Color, decals were by Zoukei-Mura and fundekals. I hope you guys like my build here, any comments or suggestions are welcome Jeff
  4. I'm getting pretty close to starting my next project, I have a lot of aftermarket already ready to go. My question for you guys is, do I have the right seatbelt and can I use what I already have to be accurate The seatbelt that I do have is hgw sutton qk harness Thanks in advance Jeff
  5. Thank you for the nice comment, it was real fun build
  6. Thanks Steve, painting and weathering is my favorite part of the build Jeff
  7. Thanks woody, I appreciate the comment, I will put more of my builds on here soon Jeff
  8. That's my goal to put it into a diorama, time to start on the airfield and psp, then Palm trees, not sure where to buy palm trees for 1/32 scale ??
  9. Hello all, im new here, this is my first build post on this site. This is my newest addition to my display case. Its the new Tamiya 1/32 f4u-1a corsair. Of all the builds I have done in the past, this is by far the nicest kit I have come across yet. I added a few extras to go along with the build, such as the barracuda decals for the interior of the cockpit, barracuda diamond tread tires, rb productions oil cookers, and hgw seatbelts, and the decals that I used were by fundakals, very nice by the way, and ez line for the aerial wire. The paints that I used were all done by mr color, weathering was done by the new ak interactive panel liners, very nice to. I hope you guys like it, any questions or comments are welcome Jeff
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