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  1. That looks amazing! I've never attempted an airliner but that makes me want to!
  2. Thanks for sharing the nice pictures! I love the A-10. If I am not mistaken, this aircraft did not have production sized vertical stabilizers. Both sets seen in your pics are taller than production units. If you look closely you can see where the added on portion was repainted.
  3. If it would help I could send you a spare fuselage from an unstarted kit I have wasting away in my garage.
  4. If it doesn't work out for you let me know. I have the USAF release of the F-104 and it has the non bulged doors. maybe we could work something out.
  5. Pretty simple really, fill them in with milliput and sand down the bumps. The gear doors are only a couple of inches from fully closed when on the ground so seeing what they look like inside would be darn near impossible.
  6. Oooooh, that's a pretty one! Nice looking paint job, what brand did you use?
  7. Perfectly illustrated! Thank you!
  8. The only pictures I've seen show the straps disappearing over the top of the seat. Maybe I'll just raise my seat to that position and replicate that look.
  9. Does anyone have a picture or drawing showing how the shoulder straps were mounted? I have nice aftermarket belts in photo etch and fabric but neither one shows how they are really mounted. The instructions would have you just glue them above the back of the seat. Some show them mounted to the top deck others to the vertical bulkhead behind the seat. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Try putting water on it. If it clears up with water then you can put future or some other gloss on it and then when that dries you can flat coat it again.
  11. Wow! There are some very nice pictures in that bunch! I noticed from those pictures and other that there is a lot of differences in the G-6 gun cowl bulges. Some are quite bulbous while others are rather flat. Some are rounded in outline and others are more rounded square in outline. I only bring this up because as I was looking at all of those pics I was thinking to myself ( because the Mrs. couldn't have cared less ), " that one looks just like the Eduard kit, and that one looks like the Hasegawa kit, and that one looks like the Fujimi kit!" ....Yes I get excited about minutia like this...
  12. I believe he means the auxiliary air intakes on either side of the nose just in front of the exhaust manifold.
  13. Welcome back to modelling! You will be on a rather steep learning curve for a while but to me that is where the fun is, learning. I like what you've done so far and look forward to your next build!
  14. Darn, 1/72. I have a couple of the 1/48 sword kits and I thought I may be able to help you out. I know it can be quite discouraging when the resin and plastic parts don't match up right. I hope you get to finish the T-38 in the above pics as that is one of the sweetest looking schemes I've seen on a T-38. Good luck ,and if I can be of assistance you need only ask. ......also Thanks for your service.
  15. Beautiful! That is one sharp looking T-38! Thank you for sharing. May I ask, what is the reason for your kit languishing on the shelf of doom? Have you seen the Wolfpack kit?
  16. Wow! What a nice looking,well built model! It looks like you have tamed the Hasegawa kit's many separate fuselage pieces perfectly. Great finish too!
  17. Nicely done! Such a delicate looking aircraft.
  18. What's this?! A U-21 sighting!!! My Dad flew these in Vietnam in '69. Actually he flew Guardrail RU-21's .You just don't see many pictures of these. Thanks for sharing!
  19. The Tamiya P-47 is by far the best Jug in 1/48 you will not be disappointed, and they did the best job representing the area you are asking about. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.....
  20. Very nice work! You are doing a great job!
  21. Your captions are quite funny! Seriously though, did someone pay you to take that kit off of their hands? Are you sure you wouldn't rather build the Tamiya 1/72 corsair? Tell you what, send me your address and I'll send you a 1/48 Tamiya corsair( I only build 1/48) to keep you from hurting yourself on the one you have.
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