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  1. Looks great! Your skills seem to be intact from your hiatus. I would be happy to have that on my shelf!
  2. Seems like a good case of preshading to me! Though I've been told by smarter people than me that it is unrealistic.
  3. Nicely Done!That looks just like mine!........ except yours is assembled and painted.
  4. Mark, I look forward to your build! If I can be of assistance.....
  5. I remember when they were first available. I had saved the money and was ready to pull the trigger until I found out that my neighbor was short on rent. He was a veteran crew chief on B-29/B-50s so I gave my Vulcan funds to him. I still haven't found a Vulcan for my stash but I don't regret my choice. He was a good man. Dale
  6. The part in question is E9. I was able to remove mine as it was only tacked on, and I can confirm that part #F8 will then fit over the armoured head rest and then you can install E9 . the only possible issue is that the bar on part F8 will then interfere with the seat belt part that attaches to the bulkhead. I think the kit is wonderful as long as you carefully prepare all the mating surfaces and test fit everything. I am almost ready to start painting. I always try to assemble as much as I can before I start any painting. have yet to pick out a scheme but I am leaning to a late JN seria
  7. That looks wonderful! The weathering is great. Well done! How did you handle the bar that is part of the cockpit opening insert? Mine won't fit with the bar so I'm thinking of removing it even though the instruction show it in place. Dale
  8. Very nice Spark Vark! I always thought that this was the best looking Variant. Well done!
  9. I am lucky enough to have a friend who purchased the New Eduard Tempest kit for me for Christmas. Several years of whining to him about the absence of a good 1/48 Tempest probably factor in to his generosity I'm sure....... Any way here are a couple of things I have noticed about the kit. It seems that it would be easier to make a Mk. V series II form this kit than a Series I and here is why I am saying this: 1. you have to glue the photo etch fish plates around the rear fuselage. ( I am not looking forward to this one though I am sure others could do it easily) 2. y
  10. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/8/6/102986-19848-29-pristine.jpg
  11. Oh, now that is simply beautiful! I am halfway through this same kit and it is a gem. I love how you weathered it! especially the worn section on top of the wing. Some of the best I've seen. Are you going to do the La-5FN? I hope so! Thank you for sharing!
  12. That was the best example and I missed it!
  13. Wow! so few parts for the fuselage? Is that really a Kinetic kit? Interesting looking jet I look forward to you build!
  14. Here is a link to a video on the A-10. IT is a good video but if you want to, skip to 2:45 through 2:55 and 15:50 through 16:00 to see the slats in action. it is really quick.
  15. These pictures would seem to indicate that they move. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
  16. I may be mistaken but I believe they do in fact move up and down depending on angle of attack.
  17. maybe this thread on Hyperscale would interest you. It regards the oil cooler housing. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/bf109g-10-oil-cooler-and-the-new-eduard-kit-t498072.html
  18. I agree that is a beautiful shot, but couldn't that be fuel coming from the wings?
  19. Very well done! Excellent paint work!
  20. I got it! I got it! Here is the pattern. i got nothing for the colors though..... Please, please don't tell the Mrs. ( They're quilt patterns )
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