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  1. They look like Su-2s to me. Kate had more wing dihedral than that . the Yak taking off looks like a Yak-9V . The first Yak does look like either a Yak-9M, D or something along those lines, definitely not a Yak-3.
  2. I have had to go to a free VPN service to connect to BM. I have AT&T and when I try to get on normally it times out after getting the DNS address from Sbcglobal.net. I wasn't sure if posting the name of the free VPN was ok so LEt me know if anyone could use it. I've been having this issue for 2 weeks now.
  3. I have tested using the new Eduard Fw190-A upper wing to the Eduard Fw190-D and it is a perfect fit. So if you had the overtree kit of the New A-8 then you would not have to worry about the separate gun covers.
  4. The HobbyBoss kit does build up nice and easy but it is missing the upper and lower bump for the outboard wing cannons as well as the gun port being too far out on the wing. None of the 1/48 kits got the supercharger intake correct. it would seem that all of them are based on a museum example except for the Revell trimaster based kit which is the closest to what the real supercharger intake looked like.
  5. Very nice work! I couldn't take my eyes off of the nose of the aircraft the finish and weathering is so good! There is only one small problem That I feel compelled to point out.............IT"S NOT ON MY SHELF!!!
  6. That is a tremendous help! Thank you!
  7. Interesting, all the odd number planes in one row in front of the even number planes.
  8. I seem to recall that the B-26G had the wing incident angle changed by 3 degrees to help with landing attitude. My question is this: Where was the center of rotation for changing the angle? In my way of thinking there could be four points that the change could be made from. Leading edge ( least likely since photos would seem to indicate a different location where it meets the fuselage between the two models) Front wing spar ( most likely in my mind ) rear wing spar or trailing edge I ask because I am formulating a plan to alter a monogram kit to a B-26G but the location of the pivot point potentially will make a huge difference in approaching the changes necessary . So does anyone have any input on where the pivot point should be?
  9. Thanks to all who replied. I have decided to go with clear covers and colored bulbs/ lenses since I have found proof of this set up on Series I aircraft as in the pictures above. Does anyone have a close up of the museums TT Mk.V wingtip? I am now trying to find out which side the bulb protrudes from under the clear cover.
  10. Nachtwulf

    Nose art

    Hmm, that's a tough one.... Any clue what the hole in the cowl is for just above the bomb tail fins? I've never seen that before, but then again I've never looked for it either. It does appear to have an early Curtis prop.
  11. Let me go on record as saying that none of my firsts that you mentioned turned out as good as what you've done there.
  12. And here is another JN with clear covers. At least they look clear to me. https://www.worldwarphotos.info/wp-content/gallery/uk/raf/tempest/Tempest_Mk_V_JN766_486_Castle_Camps_feb44.jpg
  13. Hmmm, Just a thought,but could it depend on which factory made them? The pics I provided show JN serial numbers and clear covers while the EJ serial has tinted covers. And whats with the gun ports? Not yet installed? Oh, wait, maybe just a rag stuffed in the port.
  14. I had found another picture last night showing a line up of Mk.V's on the ramp at the factory which clearly showed clear covers but I can't find it now!
  15. Are the wingtip light on the Tempest Mk. V clear covers with a colored bulbs or colored covers with a clear bub? I have seen black and white photos that seem to suggest both, but I thought I'd seek advice from those with more knowledge.
  16. Excellent! I too had heard a lot of negative press on this kit.Your build is inspiring! Great paintwork!
  17. Nachtwulf

    Research trouble

    Ortho chromatic B&W film will cause this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthochromasia
  18. Thank you to all who replied to my post! Barring further direction, I will paint them red. I may also paint the hat in camo as I assume they would only want the red to show when deployed. .......... the things modelers obsess about, sheeesh.
  19. Very good information! Thank you for the time and effort. You've given Spitfire nuts much to contemplate. Oh, and your Airfix Spit looks outstanding! Looking forward to more !
  20. Looking good! I like the subtle shade variations very much. I have always sprayed Alclad without a primer base. As long as you have the right balance of air pressure and paint volume it works great! What pressure were you shooting at? I usually use @ 12psi and I barely have to open up the needle.
  21. I still can't see any OV-10's. I see what appears to be an O-2 Skymaster . Could someone please point out the Bronco's before I go to the eye doctor?
  22. Does anyone know what color the gear down indicators on top of the wing are supposed to be? I would assume they would be a contrasting color to the camo, but I have yet to find anything definitive.
  23. That was strange! I hadn't even noticed till I read your post. Then it seemed like they were turned suddenly!
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