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  1. Looking good! Looking forward to more progress! I remember giving my 8 year old brother a Monogram P-47 and letting him use my airbrush for the first time and any colors he wanted. It ended up painted metallic blue and copper! So, if you don't finish this one I'll send you pictures of it and force you to look at them.
  2. Here is my effort to correct the series 2 gun ports.. first I used the series 1 barrels and cut them off. I always use black marker to see where I am drilling. It makes locating the pilot hole easier. The right hand gun has the pilot hole and the left is the final size, 1.25mm. The rest of the picture are the results on the other wing.
  3. I agree on all accounts . Look at the differences in the canopy hood between the three manufacturers! Nicely built x3!
  4. It is my understanding that Eduard IS going to offer a Tempest MK.II and a Mk.VI. Maybe in the Royal edition boxing? There is a longer prop spinner that would work on the Mk. VI already on the sprues.
  5. While I have not done this particular kit, I would recommend a two part epoxy putty such as milliput or aeropoxie. These can easily be shaped with water after applying to the model and final sanding/blending should be a snap. Remember to cover anything you want to save with tape before puttying and sanding and use the tape as a guide to how much you are sanding away, meaning when you see the tape wearing away stop and replace it. Oh, one more thing. After you put the putty where you want it and rough shape it, becareful how much water you use to smooth it. You wouldn't want it to run inside the fuselage and muck up the cockpit and such..
  6. Those are wonderful pictures! I love the shot of the open hanger. Seems like Phantoms forever! Thanks for sharing!
  7. More updates... Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I used Alclad Matt Aluminum straight onto the plastic. The Cockpit tubing was VERY delicate! It broke in several places during construction. Thankfully all of the broken spots were hidden behind other parts. Here is a glimpse of the cockpit installed. Really difficult to see all of it once buttoned up. The side consoles are a mix of kit supplied photo etch and kit decals. Some of the decals were quite small but went on without a problem. Perhaps one of my favorite parts of building, attaching the wings! I found the bottom locating pin on the forward bulkhead interfered with the wing pushing it down because the hole for the pin was too small. Simply cutting the pin off greatly improved the fit and the pin isn't needed at all anyway. Notice that I'm using the Series 2 gun ports as I have chosen a late JN serial # that was built to series 2 specs. Does that make it a series 2? Though it looks like the seam is still running through the flap area it actually is filled with CA and sanded flush. I blocked off the shell ejector chutes. You will also notice that I ended up not using the series 2 gun port as they didn't fit the wing as well as the series 1 barrels. This actually works better for me as the series two gun ports should have been lower in the wing. This way I can cut off the series 1 barrels (which you can see I already have done) and drill the new gun port locations with out filling in the old ones. Any criticism or thoughts welcome.
  8. Thanks Mike! I tend to favor light weathering mostly because I don't have the eye to accomplish anything else.I am going to try some pre-shading and post shading on this build, but lightly, I hope.
  9. First time posting one of my builds. I do not build fast. I do enjoy building but also the learning/research is what strikes my fancy. So follow this thread at your own peril. You will age before its all done and probably not in a good way. Just two photos to start. Taken with my phone as I don't have a camera any more. (the batteries corroded in the camera waiting to be used) This is the the kit raised panel with the kit decals, and the cockpit, again out of the box
  10. I think the article should have said it was painted in WWII markings as opposed to colours. I was expecting an olive drab/ nuetral gray or natural metal bird.
  11. Looks great! Your skills seem to be intact from your hiatus. I would be happy to have that on my shelf!
  12. Seems like a good case of preshading to me! Though I've been told by smarter people than me that it is unrealistic.
  13. Nicely Done!That looks just like mine!........ except yours is assembled and painted.
  14. Mark, I look forward to your build! If I can be of assistance.....
  15. I remember when they were first available. I had saved the money and was ready to pull the trigger until I found out that my neighbor was short on rent. He was a veteran crew chief on B-29/B-50s so I gave my Vulcan funds to him. I still haven't found a Vulcan for my stash but I don't regret my choice. He was a good man. Dale
  16. The part in question is E9. I was able to remove mine as it was only tacked on, and I can confirm that part #F8 will then fit over the armoured head rest and then you can install E9 . the only possible issue is that the bar on part F8 will then interfere with the seat belt part that attaches to the bulkhead. I think the kit is wonderful as long as you carefully prepare all the mating surfaces and test fit everything. I am almost ready to start painting. I always try to assemble as much as I can before I start any painting. have yet to pick out a scheme but I am leaning to a late JN serial # to avoid the fishplates.
  17. That looks wonderful! The weathering is great. Well done! How did you handle the bar that is part of the cockpit opening insert? Mine won't fit with the bar so I'm thinking of removing it even though the instruction show it in place. Dale
  18. Very nice Spark Vark! I always thought that this was the best looking Variant. Well done!
  19. I am lucky enough to have a friend who purchased the New Eduard Tempest kit for me for Christmas. Several years of whining to him about the absence of a good 1/48 Tempest probably factor in to his generosity I'm sure....... Any way here are a couple of things I have noticed about the kit. It seems that it would be easier to make a Mk. V series II form this kit than a Series I and here is why I am saying this: 1. you have to glue the photo etch fish plates around the rear fuselage. ( I am not looking forward to this one though I am sure others could do it easily) 2. you will also have to scratch build the small bump on the wing fillet that apparently all series I aircraft had. 3. the bottom of the wing has provisions for the rockets and bomb/fuel tanks already though my limited research would indicate that series I aircraft were not fitted out with any of these. 4. The leading edge of the inner port wing has the riveting for the fuel tank installed later in the production run, I presume that means series II aircraft. Please do not take these observations for complaint. I am thrilled to have a really nice kit of the Tempest finally!! So here are a couple of questions for those who know much more than me. ( that means nearly every one on this site I'm sure ) Is there such a beast as a Series I Tempest without the fish plates and wing fillet bumps? What are the two small holes for on underneath of the wingtips at each end? I have seen at least one photo that confirms their existence, but I have no clue what they are for. Anyway that's all I have for now, afterall I have only glued the wheel wells together so far. They do look nice, all 26+ parts.
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