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  1. Nice! Welcome back! You "may" have (cough, cough) finished more than I have in the last 16 years..............some would say (wife)......
  2. That looks really nice! You have done a wonderful job.
  3. I would love to, but on my computer there is nothing in your post I can click on. Dang .....
  4. Nicely done! I tend to go light on the weathering myself. Though in my case it's more likely because I am afraid of messing up all the work I put into the assembly. Check your gear legs. They appear to be on backwards.
  5. German Infantry Assault Badge with central rifle with eagle It may be painted gold on the plane.
  6. Nice job! The overall appearance is quite attractive! Looks like the Airfix kit me,no?So whats the story behind the American kill marking?
  7. There is a difference in vertical stabilizer chord I believe. One having a D-9 tail and the other more like the Ta152.
  8. And what about this one? it looks like all my models after a few months of picking it up with my thumb and index finger by the middle of the fuselage when I fly them in figure 8s...... (side note) look how scalloped the rudder apears! Take that you fabric covered control freaks!!! Ha ha ha..... Whats that Dear?...... yes I took my meds...... oh! you meant those meds!............ well........ This is what I am afraid my build will look like after I attempt to weather it.
  9. Troy, I totally agree with your thoughts on weathering,but....(I bet you saw that coming) The AVG planes, while not necessarily showing a lot of paint chipping or black panel lines ,were for the most part quite dirty. To me this is heavy weathering. There are certainly techniques that could be skipped over or minimized when weathering these aircraft. Perhaps I am just restating what you said in the first place......dang it! no matter what I type it comes out sounding like I am trying to take you to the wood shed! That's it from me ...
  10. Awesome! Where do I send the money!? Really!
  11. I find it disconcerting that you would photo shop pictures of a real aircraft onto a plain background just to impress us. You should be banished from any further model building until I can catch up with your alleged skills,maybe then I would have a chance, but who am I kidding?
  12. Wow! I like what you've done with this! You are inspiring me to try building mine.
  13. Excellent! Thanks for sharing! I used to watch Hogs fly over my house @200ft while they were doing TnGs at ft. Huachuca Az everyday. I wore a path in the grass from running outside every time they flew over! what is the top marking on the vertical? It looks like a uniform ribbon. Dale
  14. Well done! I always like to see models displayed in flight.
  15. That looks amazing! I may have to build that color scheme! Isn't the prop supposed to turn the other way? Excellent job!
  16. http://109lair.hobbyvista.com/DETAILSITE/US/USN/SBD/SBD1/1741.2-mb-13.color.jpg Here is an SBD-1 with wing racks. So there is that. It is my understanding that 250lb or less was the rule for the wing racks though the plane was rated for 2250lbs max. The SBD-1=Marines and SBD-2=Navy.
  17. Excellent! That looks really nice!
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