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    Duck Egg Blue

    I wish you hadn't said that.........
  2. Nachtwulf

    Duck Egg Blue

    Allright, test taken. Scored a "0" which is perfect. This surprises me since I am partially colorblind in one eye due to a childhood injury. It was a fun test, but I will still avoid color arguments.
  3. I was lucky enough to see an OV-1D do an aerobatic display in 1982 at Ft. Huachuca Az. Best maneuver was a hammerhead stall turn. Really cool! Thanks for sharing the pictures!! They are wonderful!
  4. Very nice! Probably the best looking camouflage worn by the P-47! You honored your father well.
  5. Great photo!Looks like one of them is having landing gear issues. Thanks for sharing. I also notice that the intakes are different than anything I've seen on a Ventura before.
  6. Your engine fix is perfect! The pilots look really good in the cockpit as well.
  7. Two weeks?! I can't even get the plastic wrap off that fast!
  8. I think you nailed it! Thank you!! I don't know why I didn't ask years ago! I am amazed at how much your mind tricks you into seeing when the focus is so poor. For instance, I was sure the vertical stab had a perfectly straight leading edge, and I thought I saw a tempest radiator scoop under the nose.(which is clearly the clouds in the background). I didn't think I would ever find the photo.
  9. Several years ago while watching Inspector Morse or some other drama show I saw this aircraft picture in the background of a set for a character's office and took a picture. I know it looks like some sort of Spitfire but I can't nail down just what it is. Could anyone help? Now, this is not life and death we are dealing with here, just curiosity. Apologies for the poor resolution but it was the best I could do.....and yes, I drive the Mrs. crazy by stopping shows to get a better view of aircraft that are incidental to the plot............
  10. I would be pleased with that as well! Nicely done!
  11. Oh poo!!! I was hoping I was wrong. You could look at it this way... even if you ended up breaking it apart to fix it, judging from what I've seen so far of your skills ,you could easily fix any damage you cause in the process.
  12. STOP!!!!!!! Before you go any further, check the fit of the afterburner sections!!! In your pictures you have the engines shown on the correct sides and also on the incorrect sides which will cause the afterburner sections to not align after the fuselage is all closed up. Please check! Having said that, Your build looks fantastic! I can hardly wait to see it finished.
  13. Very nicely done! I like the late mark Spits!
  14. Inspirational! I also have one that I started a few years back and have been stalled on. This makes me want to get back to it and press forward!
  15. You guys may be right. The poor focus of the pictures and my cursed eyesight might be the problem! I also mistook what the original poster was saying. I thought he was referring to the first picture as having a D wing, which he did not. I'll crawl back into my hole..........my.... precious........
  16. I believe those still have "B" wings. Here is a "D" wing to compare. Note the length along the wing of the root extension.
  17. Nice! Welcome back! You "may" have (cough, cough) finished more than I have in the last 16 years..............some would say (wife)......
  18. That looks really nice! You have done a wonderful job.
  19. I would love to, but on my computer there is nothing in your post I can click on. Dang .....
  20. Nicely done! I tend to go light on the weathering myself. Though in my case it's more likely because I am afraid of messing up all the work I put into the assembly. Check your gear legs. They appear to be on backwards.
  21. German Infantry Assault Badge with central rifle with eagle It may be painted gold on the plane.
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