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  1. Nicely done! The F-15 is such a nice looking bird.
  2. It's been a long time...... I have seemingly lost my mojo once I got to the weathering part of this build. What do you do to get going again? I really want to finish this and move on since it is creating a roadblock to starting anything else. Looking for inspiration.....
  3. I have too often been charmed by a lovely bit of box art! I bought many copies of the Fujimi Fw190D-9 as a result of them changing their box art only to find them same dismal plastic inside. A tough lesson to be sure. ....and I'm still a sucker for nostalgic art on a model box.
  4. Here are a few 1/48 kits I think you will like. Eduard Mk IX , Mk VIII, MK XVI spitfires-- Really good fit and excellent detail throughout. my opinion- Best spitfires in 1/48 Tamiya newer release A6m5 and A6m3 Zero-- Typical Tamiya fit and excellent shape. my opinion- best Zero in 1/48 Zvezda Pe-2 excellent fit and detail
  5. I had different problems. While the intake piece fit ok the canopy/windscreen was too narrow. It's been in the box ever since.
  6. I can recommend the Vector Tempest prop for a replacement 4 bladed prop. Here is mine. The spinner is not yet glued on in the picture, hence the small gap. In my estimation it is the best Typhoon/Tempest prop.
  7. Winner!! Simply an awesome post! I love how you covered the faces with the names of the models.....priorities!
  8. Your right! I feel like the smart one in a horror movie that says " allright, you go in first".. you know like all the red shirts in any Star Trek episode.
  9. Loren, Nice work thus far! I was thinking that you might want to copy those turrets for the sure to be released HPH 1/48 Death Star! Of course when you build that you will need your own country to convert to a work space but your almost there anyway!
  10. Excellent work! How did you achieve the oil stained look to the dark grey?
  11. Ah yes! I remember those too! My brothers and I had some one time, but they didn't last long once we found that strapping a bottle rocket to them was the way to go! Too bad they were the type that exploded at the end of the ride!
  12. Funny, that did cross my mind!!
  13. Very nice! I look at your model and think.... i build model to.I use glue. sometimes I use paint.... oh whats the point!
  14. Stunning! Excellent photography as well! That's some smart paint work that is.
  15. I sent that picture to HPH and they promptly sent the correct wing. I was very happy with how they handled the problem. I am worried though that someone has a kit with 2 right wings!
  16. In reality the amount of ballast would be located approximately the same distance behind the center of lift as the engine assembly is forward of the center of lift. no?. Or to put it better, more ballast weight the closer to the center of lift and less the further aft you put it. It seem correct to me but then again I am a shade tree mechanic. Dale
  17. You get extra credit for the Joe Cocker reference! Looking forward to your experience with the B-36. This was what I found upon inventorying the parts on mine.
  18. Nachtwulf

    Eduard 1/48 Tempest

    Perfect! Now remove that bar going across the cockpit opening. You cannot fit that part over the head rest with that bar in place. I believe it is for seat height adjustment . Anyways it can be replaced later, if you want, with a piece of plastic rod. my credentials..........
  19. Very nice work and excellent photography! I did not know what a Bristol Sycamore was until your post. It really does look like a graceful Dragonfly. Can't wait to see more of it.
  20. I have one of those on my shelf of doom, so I can appreciate the fine work you've done. Looks wonderful!
  21. Looking great so far! This is gonna be good! I had trouble with the right wing twisting to a different angle than the other side. I ended up splittting it apart and re gluing to get it right. Could have been my methods got the the best of me, just wanted to give you a heads up.
  22. found this on ebay. Same incident? Most likely not. But it did get me thinking. https://picclick.co.uk/WW2-Navy-aircraft-Carrier-HMS-Emperor-Grumman-Hellcat-333153048386.html
  23. I wonder if it is the remains of the belly fuel tank we are seeing after striking the ramp.
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