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  1. Nice! It looks great next to the mustang! Have you ever tried giving it a light flat clear coat? I also have used paper Q-tips for burnishing. cut them at an angle and you can get into the small corners and such. Hope you finish her soon!
  2. I am not all that familiar with the Tornado prototypes but the drawings in that link appear to show a shallower belly to the fuselage rather than a lowered wing. I know, they are just drawings. Warning! What follows is opinion! Not fact: I can't see a wing being lowered with respect to the fuselage unless the engine interferes with the main spar.
  3. I have both of those and they are different. The Ta152H canopy is thicker and has rounded corners where the bottom of the hood meets the windscreen. Ta152H= pressurized, Fw190D= not pressurized.
  4. I have the Eduard dual kit of the Mk. XVI Spitfire and I'm trying to find a set of markings that would allow me to build the bubble top without clipped wings in standard camouflage and during WWII. Did such a beast exist? I have not seen a picture of one yet except for restored examples. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Wow, that is beautiful! Absolutely love the weathering! one question. Is that the correct cooling fan? it seems a little robust for the A-4.
  6. Nice work! I have the same kit with the same aftermarket sets. You want to look at the leading edge of the wing as they seem to rounded to me. ?What do you think? I have started reshaping them by sanding the mating surfaces down and it has helped.
  7. I read somewhere on some now defunct website that they used really large Tamiya-like magnets and flew them really close until they clicked together. .....Acually I have no idea what they used. I was thinking it would have to be an over head crane in a hanger but that only works if the finally result could get out of through the hanger doors.
  8. nicely done! The alteration of the raised fasteners really makes a difference! It gives a much more scale appearance.
  9. That looks very nice! How about some more pictures?
  10. Looks to me like it connects directly to the inter cooler box which feeds the back of the intake manifold. you can just see it poking up behind the valve cover in this pic,
  11. I was under the impression that those were exhaust vents for the turbo inter coolers and oil coolers. But I am frequently wrong, just ask my wife.
  12. Very attractive build! That just goes to show how nice a classic kit can turn out! I especially like the weathering job you've done.
  13. Excellent pictures! Thank you. I was waiting for an ebay auction to wind down so I could snipe it at the last moment until I got distracted by your photos! I missed bidding on the item. Anyway, love the Hog can't resist any pictures of them!
  14. Another stunner Russ!......wait, wat? you hand paint?....all of them? .....one second.....
  15. One of my favorite Monogram kits. Simply wonderful job on the weathering!
  16. Excellent work as usual Ian! I have always liked the look of the Mohawk . I got to see one do aerobatics including a hammer head stall at an airshow in the 80's, very impressive. One question, where are the national insignia?
  17. Forgive my ignorance but, what is that first aircaft? The two pictures of it are just brilliant!
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