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  1. And...viola! Do you want my paypal account info?
  2. If only there was some way to find out. Could be quite interesting, or rather dull! I found it jammed in a credit card reader of a city parking meter.
  3. Found this in California today! Poor fellow must have got lost!
  4. I'm afraid I can't help with the serial numbers as all three appear to have civilian registration numbers (N*****)
  5. last 3 pictures in order L-5 Stinson L-17/U-18 Ryan Navion O-1E Bird Dog
  6. Fabulous paint work! I will be referring to your build in the hope that mine turns out half as good!
  7. I think that it would make it more difficult to produce certain canopies that have a blown cross section. Wouldn't it be harder to use slide molding techniques to get the rounded cross sections without gross distortion?
  8. Excellent shots! It just amazes me that these planes can fly with all that stuff hanging underneath!
  9. I'd call that a great save! I've seen markings on real aircraft that look rougher than that. I like what you've done!
  10. Another indication of it being a modern build is the Allison engine air intake on top of the cowl.
  11. One of the best looking A-1s I've seen! Very good weathering especially the oil streaking/stains.
  12. I think you've done a great job! Looks amazing. Typhoons could looks pretty nasty underneath. I personally always seem to under weather my planes as I'm a chicken.
  13. Putting it on a base showing the wheel track in grass or dirt will make it look right. Try putting it on a piece of paper and drawing the wheel track and you'll see what I mean.
  14. To clarify: the Eduard kit has open gun covers, but the engine cowl is closed. The wing gun covers are a little fiddly to close but not bad. My main issue with this kit is the slab sided vertical stabilizer with it's blunt/ fat leading edge.
  15. I never new the wind-indicator could look so good!
  16. Wow! I did not expect so many responses to this thread. I just wanted to share what was such a profound experience in my childhood that I have never stopped feeling the wonder and awe of my first memory of model building. In the fifty odd years since then it has led to so many experiences and learning opportunities that I can't fathom what my life would have been like without these experiences/ lessons. I hope others have enjoyed reading these as much as I have.
  17. Same here. Although it does look like someone used it as a boomark.
  18. I figured it would have to be something like that. I just couldn't imagine a pilot willing to go into combat without the 20mms.
  19. Say, I just noticed that those cannon barrels seem a little short! Wonder why?
  20. I feel it should be mentioned that there is a Revell kit and a Revell/Monogram kit. The Monogram kit is the one to have while the Revell kit, first released as the J.A.W.S A-10, is not. Also I would advise getting a Monogram kit from the '80's as the molding and fit will be better. just my $0.02.......though sink marks in the wing pylons can be an issue in any of the Monogram releases. Dale
  21. It's amazing how stable the F-35 is in a hover. Very nice pictures! Thank you.
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