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  1. I believe it looks odd because the rudder is deflected. Here is my vote, PT-26A Rear fuselage shape matches Fabric covered fuselage Protuberance on top of rudder matches. Probably a light. Fuselage code in right place Main gear strut seems to match fixed landing gear Rear canopy bulkhead is the right place and shape tail wheel strut in same location fabric covered wing
  2. Clever idea and well executed! I've already assembled it 3 times in my mind!
  3. I had one way back when. The Mrs. got it for me for my birthday. I remember it being quite rough and certainly beyond my abilities back in the 1990's. I was delighted when the Alpha Flight kit was released. It far more build-able and much better detailed. Sorry I can't offer any build advice on your kit apart from gazing at it and passing it on. Forgot to mention that the Alpha Flight kit is a Mk. III.
  4. I found this late war picture of an airfield graveyard. Can anyone Identify the second one from the left? It looks like a bomber but the camouflage is all wrong .......
  5. Well, chalk one up to ignorance! I found that the next to the thread title took me exactly where I wanted! Who knew?! Thanks for the replies! edit: I guess it's called a dialogue balloon?
  6. It seems that all that does on my computer is bring up a small window that shows the latest post with no option to enter the thread at that point. Maybe if you could dumb it down to simple grunts and squeaks I can understand it.
  7. Is there a setting I can use so that when I return to a thread I have been to before it will take me to the first unread response? I find it tedious to have to stumble through a 12 page thread to find where it ended the last time I was there.
  8. And..... just to add to the overall confusion on the colors..
  9. After looking at the photo from a fresh perspective it appears that the "2"s in the background are actually a different number with the white part of the roundel from the next aircraft forming the top part of the 2.
  10. The fourth aircraft in, "2", is not the same aircraft as the colorized photo. The over spray pattern is different. That would be the 8th aircraft from the foreground. Which begs the question, Why are there three "2"s?
  11. Nachtwulf


    Great picture! thanks for sharing it with us. Is that a three tone upper camouflage? I know that is unlikely but it does kinda look like it.
  12. If you haven't started sanding yet, might I suggest using Mr. Color thinner instead. It will easily cut through the paint and it will not mar the fiberglass. I use anytime i need to clean up a paint issue. It doesn't attack plastic clear parts even. I would test it before using it on clear resin though just in case. Now I'm off to fondle my new HPH B-52........
  13. Great pictures of a truly good looking aircraft, thank you!
  14. Great progress Loren! Unfortunately there is another thing that will need to be fixed. I noticed recently that the pylon for the jet engines is incorrectly shaped. The leading edge coming down from the wing is too long and will need to be changed, at least when I do mine. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  15. Excellent start! I have this kit and it is stunning how well everything fits. I can't wait till Tamiya releases a J/L. Incidentally, is the cannon in you picture bare metal? It kind of looks like it to me, but I suppose it could be a trick of the light.
  16. Great pics! Thanks for sharing! I've never seen this speed break on an F-15. I've only seen the ones with the smooth interior.
  17. right you are! I'm a lunkhead! Here is the correct one :http://www.master-model.pl/product/am-72-016.html
  18. http://www.master-model.pl/product/am-48-027.html Maybe you could cut these brass Fug 220 aerials to make them.
  19. That is an ICM kit in a Revell box = no torpedoes. Edit: I stand corrected it does have torpedoes!http://www.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/kits/icm48262reviewjh_1.htm As long as sprues H1 and H2 are included.
  20. Disclaimer: the following is what I believe to be true, that does not make it true. so, correct me if i am mistaken. The center section of the Tempest is perpendicular to the fuselage when referenced from the leading edge. However, the wing is slightly thicker at the root than where the outer wing panels meet the center section. The reason for this is the airfoil thickness as it relates to the chord length. If I am not mistaken this is the wing aspect thickness to chord ratio. So while it is true that there is no anhedral or dihedral to the center section it can appear that there is because the wing root is thicker. If you look at the Tempest wing from head on it can be misleading as the open wheel bay will make it look like the bottom of the wing is parallel to the top. I do not have the Special Hobby kit but I have built the Eduard kit. ok.. you can blast me now if I have messed this up.
  21. Nicely done! The F-15 is such a nice looking bird.
  22. It's been a long time...... I have seemingly lost my mojo once I got to the weathering part of this build. What do you do to get going again? I really want to finish this and move on since it is creating a roadblock to starting anything else. Looking for inspiration.....
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