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  1. Ok...have just seen the price, think ill opt for the 1/144
  2. Shut the Front Door! This is 1/72??!! Looks more 1/12!! This is outstanding work mate!! I want one....NOW!! Incredible!!! Thanks for sharing!! Im off to find me one! That would be sooo much appreciated!! Please do! Russian or not! Ill google translate it!!
  3. That's one mean looking tank! Well done mate! Thanks for sharing! Nice photos too
  4. Worth the wait!! Well done on the marathon finish, others would have left it to rot! lol
  5. Hold on...just picking my jaw off the floor!!! Wow..this is what we're talking about! Masterful finish! LOVE it!!!!
  6. Hats off my friend! You've done a fantastic job on this. I hear you call for working with PE for the first time, only gets easier! After such a long break this is how you make a come back! Well done! Now...whats next
  7. This is great, brilliant job for all the size of it! Might try a wee 1/72 piece of armour myself, and this could be it, looks like a fun build!
  8. Well done mate! You've done a great job on this! Weathering is lovely!
  9. Well worth the wait! This is a cracker mate! Thanks for sharing! A well deserved medal too
  10. Very nice indeed! Love the colour! Think this deserves a top shelf spot!
  11. Fantastic finish! Thanks for sharing this little beauty!
  12. And that my friend is a beauty!! Stunning build and finish. Hoping to start this as a buddy build with my bro in the new year, hope it turns out half as good as this!!
  13. Only catching up on this now...Fantastic work!! Keep going lol
  14. Fantastic work..looking great mate!! I ended up doing my own free hand as started to try and do blu tac worms but quickly reqlised was not gonna work. Keep going, end is in sight! I do agree, it has to be the best kit ive ever built, never had anything go together so well!
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