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  1. Not to worry, found them - if any of you are ever looking for masks for any reason, check Sean out, he can provide almost anything, including custom masks across most scales. Great service so far too https://topnotch-success.net/
  2. Hey everyone, wondering if any of you can point me in the right direction. I am 80% of the way through completing my 1/24 Typhoon Bubbletop and am looking to try and find some paint masks for the camouflage on the top of the aircraft. With a lot of the plane exposed and open, this will help with masking as well. I have found that Miracle Masks used to do some, but they dont seem to do this any more. I have spent a while googling, but havent found any alternative. There seems to be plenty of canopy, wheel and markings masks, but no camo masks available. Can any of you let me know anyone I could get these from at all, or point me in the right direction? Many thanks, Reg.
  3. Thanks guys, I have received and responded to PM's. Much appreciated.
  4. Great, thanks guys, I am glad I havent missed anything. I will look at the e-bay option, or waiting till re-release. Appreciate the response
  5. Hi all, I havent modelled for a while for various reasons, about 18 months, and am just starting again. I have been looking for an Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon - but not the car door version, I have found a couple of e-bay, but just wondering have I missed something? General availability now seems to only be for the car door version, even Airfix's own shop has only that model. I have also looked on all my regular online hobby shops, and found nobody has them in stock. Has the bubble canopy version been discontinued - or am I imagining things?
  6. Hi All, Sadly I am going to have to pull out of the GB - no way I am going to get this built anywhere near in time as a result of construction going on later than planned and having 8 people in house for Christmas - who are all already with us. This has completey denied me any modelling time, and will continue to do so till the New Year pretty much. I am, and will continue to watch the great builds going on, but must apologise as mine will not be completed as part of the GB
  7. Well done Ettore, very well deserved win, your build was outstanding, and it looks like you are creating a build that is just as great in the MTO GB too. I really enjoy following your builds
  8. Yes, thanks everyone - this has been my first GB, and it has been thoroughly enjoyable. I originally intended on making 2, but only managed to finish 1. Watching everyone elses builds progress was really enjoyable. Thanks to the hosts, and all participants for making it such a joy
  9. Haven't forgotten the GB guys, in the midst of a part garage conversion at the moment to give me a man cave - for work as a home office, music and modelling - so not able to do anything till that is fixed as the conservatory where I used to model is now full of garage stuff till the garage is finished - and I can't get to my modelling desk Will update as soon as I can, and hopefully still finish this in time to get it included in the GB.
  10. Wow Ettore, that camouflage looks great, it can't have been easy to do though. Lovely job
  11. Wow Ettore, that is stunning, what a fantastic result - and I agree with Foxbat - your figures are great
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