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  1. I have searched online and YouTube. I cannot find one image or video of anyone actually building this. Just wondering if it goes together as badly as I am imagining.
  2. Hmmm this is a tricky one for me. I love Tornadoes and have this on pre-order. But it is a lot of money... what 3 or 4 times the price of the Revell Gr.1. Add a resin cockpit and a Flightpath detail set and you are in it for the same money. Had it been a AAA manufacturer I would be super excited, but Italeri.... That being said I will probably still complete my pre-order and purchase it.
  3. Perfect, thanks. I just placed my pre-order. Not sure what the need to be the first 500 to register my email and get on a "list" was about. It seems like anyone could just go to the website and place an order.
  4. How did you guys complete your preorder? Did they send an email with instructions today? I am on the list but didn't get anything in my inbox today.
  5. Hannants now showing this as late October release, £139.99 RRP. Usual 10% pre order discount and another 20% off if outside EU as no VAT.
  6. I shot an email to them and they responded immediately back. Good to go! Those CAD pictures carry “Intermediate Design Phase” mark, which means this is not a completed work. If you have seen the landing gear and cockpit images on our Facebook page, you must have noticed already what we mean by “Detailed Design Phase”, which is now being applied to the fuselage and wings as well. So the answer is a big “YES”, fuselage and wings have recessed panel lines and rivets, and every one of them. Images of the entirely finished aircraft will be posted on our FB page soon. JETMADS Team
  7. From the CAD it looks like no panel lines. Anyone know if it has recessed panel lines and details? I am on the list but could be a deal-breaker for me of there is no detail as I hate scribing.
  8. Remember Tom Cruise is only like 5ft tall. So this is probably to scale.
  9. This will look nice displayed next to the 1/72 Hind. Looking forward to seeing this one built up.
  10. I see lots of stuff for the Zvezda Hind as expected. Also nice to see the Big Sin Tornado weapons pack.
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