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  1. Wow! That's terrific work. Great subject. Good to see these 30s French types getting a gong here. I find them strangely attractive (it's true that I'm into the grotesque). French aircraft designer thinks: 'Why should the Marine Nationale have all the fun with weird and whacky designs?' Though perhaps I'm referring to armoured cruiser designs of a previous era. The Farman F.223 would have to be the ultimate expression of this look for bombers.
  2. That's a fine rendering of a spectacular subject... and a fitting tribute to the biplane motivator
  3. Super work; outstanding result. Yes, those low camera angles work well.
  4. Well, I've done it again. Despite welding the door shut to halt further additions to the carefully curated collection, I've fallen for another impromptu purchase opportunity. My housemate bought a stack of models cheap from a workmate getting out of the hobby (is that what this is?). He's not interested in aircraft so offered me any of about ten kits at cost. After a week of saying 'I'm not interested' cos they are out of my genre, today I chose this Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4/B in 1/32. I justified my extravagance by i) being seduced by the lines of the F model, my favourite looking 109, ii) it is a well regarded kit in reviews; iii) it looks possible to convert it into an unusual, unarmed Aufklärer (reconnaissance scout, thereby making it preferred genre), or Hans-Joachim Marseille's Yellow 14 F-4 Trop with its attractive desert scheme. I've done a bit of preliminary research, finding illustrations of camera installations, technical manuals in German and resin conversion sets. The trick will be to source the decals. But it's all very well having grandiose ideas. I could avoid all the hassle and just build it outa the box when I finally get to it. The resin bomb is kinda cool and a Tip and Run raider would be something different for me.
  5. Good one, @Biggles87. I have their Sea Gladiator Mk.II which I have only box rummaged. It looks and feels a cracker of a kit. I have Profile #98 somewhere too, together with a whole lot of useful reference books buried deep in storage.
  6. Very nice work. Elegant airframe - love those gull wings. Great glider fleet.
  7. Very nice pair of Chippies. Good work. Take the plunge; get scrachin' lad!
  8. Hats off to an accomplished brush painter. Clever work on the cockpit internals and wheel wells. It's turned out very nicely. Good to see the less mainstream types presented here.
  9. Wow! That's lovely work. And I've seen the real thing disguised as VH-UTO. Scuse what follows as long-windedness... Well @JohnHaa, VH-UTO used to hang from the ceiling of the Ansett now T2 Terminal at Sydney's Mascot Airport. Before that, it was displayed at the Ansett domestic terminal at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, where I last saw it in the early 1980s (I think). Ansett sold the Sydney terminal in 2002 on the breakup of the company. Presumably, that's when VH-UTO was removed. Correct @Bell209. It is now located at Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum, Hamilton, in the Western District of Victoria. This surviving Fokker XI, registered HB-ALO in 1935, was recovered from a playground in Graz, Austria. Shipped to Australia in 1974, it was restored as a replica of Ansett's first aircraft, Fokker Universal VH-UTO, which was lost in a fire. So it's now a bit of a FrankenFokker. Could be worse!
  10. Very nice work. Paint scheme is good. I've not been into what ifs and Luftwaffe 46 stuff, but this is an exceptional design from Arado's war-time drawing boards and worthy of exploration. Besides, as I've just purchased two Horten H.IX kits, my interest in the genre is piqued.
  11. What an outlandish aircraft! Lots of hard modelling grind has paid off. It's a great looking model.
  12. Grouse vehicle. Nice kit. Very well worked. It's so dusty that I'm in need of an ice-cold beer... in Alex and Ria's place
  13. Nice little scene! I like tottering Field-glasses Florian following a potential bogey approaching fast. But oh no! The crew have forgotten to remove the muzzle covers
  14. i) Mrs.Mark.au clearly has impeccable taste ii) Very interesting subject, back story and graphics. iii) Stirling work on the rigging and control wires. Agree about the CMK turnbuckles. iv) Ripper result so far.
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