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  1. Interesting type. Lovely model. Huge donk.
  2. Very nice Migs. A favourite shape from the Cold War.
  3. Good work. So I'm thinking; "Gee. That's awfully tricky painting achieved, there." But then I wise up after reading about Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) decals. Still an achievement to apply this neatly and accurately.
  4. Very nicely done. Who doesn't appreciate a ventral stain or two?
  5. Very nicely finished Lanc. I wonder what a bomb bay full of stores for Operation Manna would look like?
  6. Nice job on a venerable old kit that takes me back. Like the prop discs. Well photographed.
  7. Apparently depends on the sub-variant @KevinK. Mk VIIIs came configured in three versions designed to operate at different levels; LF low-altitude with Merlin 66, F medium-altitude with Merlin 63, HF high-altitude with Merlin 70. A58-602 assigned to Gibbes was an HF Mk VIII. Thanks for your observation; you made me look into the claim. Scuse us @David Mooney if we're off on a tangent.
  8. Very good work. Just a minor matter; would the pilot figure best be shown wearing tropical kit? I'm tempted to pick up one of these, too. Recently, I grabbed the Eduard Mk VIII kit in 1/48, also containing decals for W/Cdr Robert Gibbes RAAF version, when I found it languishing on the shelves at my local supplier. Perhaps I should tackle this first. The aircraft as depicted dates from a controversial period of Gibbes career. It is notable that he was unable to add to his score of aerial victories after his Kittyhawk days in North Africa (see nationality of victory symbols below cockpit windscreen). After posting to the Dutch East Indies, he participated in the so called Morotai Mutiny, in which senior RAAF pilots objected to the relegation of fighter squadrons to ground attack missions that they considered not militarily justifiable and offered their resignations. Because of his grazier background, one mission which Gibbes found particularly rancorous was the strafing of cattle. In addition, ground attack was a role for which the Spitfire Mk VIII was ill suited. The findings of an enquiry supported their view and a change of higher command ensued. But Gibbes was then court martialled and temporarily reduced in rank for participating in a racket flogging alcohol to the Americans. Quite the character
  9. Very nice finishing, especially the chipping around the cockpit access on the wing and the dull/faded paint.
  10. A fitting legacy completion well photographed. Most interesting to read about Flt Lt Steve Shutt, RIP. The Bf 109F series is the best looking of the breed in my opinion. Your faded paint finish and weathering is tastefully done. I understand that WW2 era paints developed a chalky finish sometimes after only a short while in harsh desert sunlight (certainly the case in Australia to this day).
  11. That's different. Buona modellazione.
  12. Exquisite! What is the red and green disc with pointers on the upper left of the RAF Cosford reconstructed panel?
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