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  1. This project is coming along nicely. Good work on the cockpit. Yes, they're long, slender wings alright. I was hoping I'd spot a build of this SH kit sooner or later. I grabbed one as soon as it came back into stock at my local supplier last year. The last Whirlwind I built was in a previous life; the Airfix 1959 iteration. I'm interested to see how you get along with this one, though it will be a while till I tackle mine. Hals und beinbruch!
  2. Impressive model, impressive build. Lotta plastic there. Very nice detailing. Yes, a bit of weathering would blend in the fogged windows.
  3. That's a good looking result. Camouflage is interesting and looks very good. Must have been fun to paint. Yes, what an ungainly monster; it's taking the concept of a mobile bunker too literally. Little wonder only 20 (?) were built.
  4. Very nice job. Cockpit details look particularly good.
  5. Superb finish. This is a benchmark build. It's a lovely kit, too. Purloined one only today.
  6. That's a nicely finished model. Good work on the rigging. My credit card is twitching; just found the Sea Gladiator version. Update! The credit card did its thing and I just picked up the Sea Gladiator from my local supplier. Thanks for the motivation.
  7. Outstanding modelling. As well as superb overall finish on the airframe and convincing wooden components, the diorama conveys activity and movement.
  8. Super job on this one. Brilliant finish on the wooden components. Excellent provocative title to the thread.
  9. Superb job. Nicely weathered finish; very effective diorama base and gubbins clutter. I hope poor Sinbad managed a bit of O2 at altitude.
  10. Wow! That's a super effort. And thanks to BS, I now know what a Houchin is.
  11. What a little cracker. Nice work on the railings, mooring tackle and overall finish.
  12. Yes, good work. You've done the ungainly-looking lumbering old crate justice. Got a soft spot for these unglamorous 'tween the wars bipe types. They exude character.
  13. Well done, very nice work. It's a real phoenix from the flames job. Good looking pairing.
  14. What an eccentric little vehicle, with more firepower pointed at where it's come from than where it's going. Perhaps i carristi drank too much coffee in the last town and an angry barista is in hot pursuit cos they didn't settle their tab. Simple and effective diorama. Nicely finished. Figures are great. And I want one of those hats.
  15. A very interesting type, a very impressive model. The story of the raid on Berlin is also most interesting.
  16. Seriously good work. The weathered rivets make the model really stand out. Beautiful paint job. It looks genuinely heavy metal.
  17. Nice little model well finished. Like the simple diorama using cork mat and stuff from the garden. That's the way!
  18. What a monster. Brilliant work. You're gonna to need a bigger boat display cabinet.
  19. Nice big model looks terrific. Waiting for kit release to fill October preorder... with increasing anticipation... patiently.
  20. That Zil is absolutely schmick. Terrific detailing, good paint, convincing weathering and nice dirty windscreen with clear wiper arcs. Bound to get a 10 from the most antisocial judge.
  21. Unusual type very nicely modelled. I particularly like the low-key camouflage and the canopy could not be clearer.
  22. Yes, very nice slippery-silver Vampire. Will look good in the cabinet.
  23. That's a good looking Boxcar. Great colour scheme.
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