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  1. I follow this WIP from the beginning ...... Bravo, the fuselage is very beautiful!
  2. Beautiful: how did you make the wing with the bending?....
  3. caution: I do not think that the aircraft you are reproducing, of the 70th Wing, had the big left hatch, rather the normal access door ...... I suggest you consult the photos of the real aircraft.
  4. sorry for the mistake; on this site http://www.cmpr.it/manuali.htm find many excerpts of manuals of Italian aircraft, even the S79 ......
  5. excellent work ... Please look good the actual aircraft photos; in the numbering of the squadron (281) you notice the old numbering .....
  6. Molto bello,complimenti, hai usato il nuovo aerografo?? (Harder)
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