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  1. I can see why I’m an occasional aircraft modeller, there are decals for decals. I’ve put on a fair few but not all of them. I over-sprayed with Vallejo Matt varnish and am pleased with how she’s turned out.
  2. cheers Selwyn, I know the green your on about, it’s the green all the historical Guns are painted in at Larkhill.
  3. Cheers Glynn, cheers for the heads up with regards to the bands Selwyn, the green was a test and adjust, I will try a bronze green thanks.
  4. A really productive Sunday, camouflage on I numbered the masks as per the instructions to help, I only had one mask that took the paint off apart from that really happy with the out come.
  5. thanks Glynn, shes getting there, hopefully I’ll get some paint on over the weekend.
  6. the rocket pods look really good until you read the instructions and have to sand off the rocket bits, I picked up a couple of edaurd Paveway II’s off the internet. like you starting this GB I must start my Sherman build.
  7. I initially used the underwing from sprue I, then I looked and the parts from sprue B a better fit. Sprue B was from the sea harrier variant so has lashing rings on the outer wheel bays, but I won’t tell anyone if you won’t. cheers exdraken, she’s coming along. today I got the main landing gear built and put the wings on. The fit of the wings needed a slight bit of fettling and looks good.
  8. after a bit of fettling on the fuselage, I thought I’d move the locating holes a little further back. After reading @NG899 notes. I also moved the outer pylons to a more correct position. For the inner pylons I dry fitted the wings and made up a fuel tank and position by eye roughly where it should be, the outer ones I used a pylon to workout the correct distance and position form the leading edge. HVTb1J4W][/url]
  9. I sometimes get that pappy, I find reloading the page works. Oz
  10. Ive been looking for a paint mask set, cheers.
  11. really enjoying this build, I painted the cockpit dials and the fan intake as well as getting things all stuck in. I then took the plunge and got the fuselage halves together, the wings and tail fin are just dry fitted at the moment.
  12. Nice job on the fan, I’ll have a go on my build to get the same effect.
  13. Thanks Colin, im shivering at the thought of winter coming, I think we had our summer in the UK a few weeks ago as we had some sunshine. I had a look at the seat straps in the kit and thought I’d treat myself to this nice set from Eduard. i’m also thinking of another treat of the camouflage paint mask set.
  14. Looking forward to see this one come together, I will get around to building a Wessex at some point.
  15. thanks Colin, I can’t imagine being stuck out in the south Atlantic the warmest, I sat here shivering thinking about it. I’ve got a bit started today,
  16. I like the look of those tracks, not seen them before they look a bit like the tracks Panda produce.
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