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  1. Looking good Mick.
  2. cheers Rib Man, me too, I try and do something a little different.
  3. Thanks James, brilliant clip, no pressure hopefully mine will turn out as good.
  4. a vintage kit arrives Wednesday, I’ve got a couple of engines from something else. With a bit of sand and water on them nobody will know the difference, I’ve got a few bits of plastic rod and plastic card to help with scratch building.
  5. thanks @trickyrich soon as I saw the picture, I thought that’s the build i have shrunk down from my usual 1/48 to fit on a reasonable size base. It must be in just the right conditions for it to have survived this long. Cheers Phillip, the build looks fantastic, definitely inspiration taken.
  6. my planned build in 1/72, I just need to pick up a kit. I saw this picture a while ago and thought it would make a fantastic vignette. Submerged P-38 receives protected status Locally known as "Maid of Harlech", the wreckage of USAAF Lockheed P-38F Lightning 41-7677 (msn 5604) lies under water off the coast of Harlech in Gwynedd, North Wales. The watery grave of the Lightning has recently received a so-called protected status. The announcement makes the plane the first designated military aircraft crash site in the UK to have been given protected status for its historic and archaeological value. It means that no salvage activities are allowed without the approval of British authorities. Lockheed P-38F 41-7677 was flown by the then 24-year-old Second Lt. Robert F. Elliott, who crashlanded after running into difficulties during a gunnery practice mission on 27 September 1942. Elliott escaped from the wreckage without injuries but was sadly reported missing in action just a few months later. Following the crashlanding, the Lightning was buried by several feet of sand. Depending on tides the downed plane is sometimes visible with the first sighting in the 1970s and most recently in 2014. The future salvage of the Lightning is coordinated by a group called The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR). This organisation hopes to be able to remove the remarkably intact wreckage from the sea. These activities will be taken up as soon as it is known which museum will care for the conservation of this historic P-38F. Source: Daily Mail Photo credits: Joseph Mearman,
  7. Nice build, I do like how Rubicon kits build I shall look out for one of these.
  8. Nice build Ratch
  9. Nice build, not currently got a desert tiger in my collection.
  10. Popped along to the BDAC model show held in the Museum today at Old Sarum url=https://postimg.cc/DmYndQcT][/url] there is also a a 1:1 scale Lancaster cockpit, it’s been hand built over the past 2 years. url=https://postimg.cc/nXmmthLX][/url]
  11. Brilliant job @JOCKNEY and @Rabbit Leader.
  12. thanks ErikT, they are fantastic kits and a bit of fun to pop in a diorama, if you see one I would pick it up.
  13. Cheers mate, they are nice kits and there is a really good range of subjects covered, I look forward to seeing your T-34 as I’ve not built a warlord kit before.
  14. Thanks Stix, the scale has loads of possibilities for some nice dioramas in the future.
  15. Kinetic 1/48 Harrier GR3. 40 years today took off from HMS Hermes to support the Scots Guards on Mt Tumbledown.
  16. Cheers Dennis, she’s looking just right for a dusty summer advance through France.
  17. Calling this one finished, I can highly recommend building a Rubicon kit they are very nice.
  18. Thanks Bertie, I’ve just seen your comment, plug away.
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