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  1. Cheers mate, they are nice kits and there is a really good range of subjects covered, I look forward to seeing your T-34 as I’ve not built a warlord kit before.
  2. Thanks Stix, the scale has loads of possibilities for some nice dioramas in the future.
  3. Kinetic 1/48 Harrier GR3. 40 years today took off from HMS Hermes to support the Scots Guards on Mt Tumbledown.
  4. Cheers Dennis, she’s looking just right for a dusty summer advance through France.
  5. Calling this one finished, I can highly recommend building a Rubicon kit they are very nice.
  6. Thanks Bertie, I’ve just seen your comment, plug away.
  7. Very nice build Dave, are you parking her next to the Landrover in the garage?
  8. Thanks Bigfoot, they are really nice kits, I can see me getting a couple more in the future.
  9. Thanks Stix, getting there, a bit more done today added the figures and painted the tools.
  10. thanks Stix, a bit of alfresco modelling and a chance to use some solvent based glue while keeping the family happy, yeah I’m really impressed with the kit and the detail you get. I'm going to add some plastic card to add the side armour patches before adding some paint.
  11. I finally pulled my finger out and started this build after I got side tracked building a Harrier GR3, in the box you get all the bits to build 75, 105mm Sherman’s as well as the Firefly. the tracks are one piece with the addition of the rear bogeys and sprocket. the detail on the kit is really nice, I did need to buy some solvent based glue as my Deluxe materials non solvent glue wasn’t that successful. the crew figures look really detailed, the driver has two bits on the side to attach to the hull. next to get some paint on.
  12. cheers guys, I must get around to popping in the remaining lights. Colin is that degrees F or C?
  13. sorry @PlaStix I got side tracked and I needed to get some solvent glue. url=https://postimg.cc/JHz1P2H7][/url]
  14. I can see why I’m an occasional aircraft modeller, there are decals for decals. I’ve put on a fair few but not all of them. I over-sprayed with Vallejo Matt varnish and am pleased with how she’s turned out.
  15. cheers Selwyn, I know the green your on about, it’s the green all the historical Guns are painted in at Larkhill.
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