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  1. Thanks Dave, I will have another look, I’ve seen a few on documentaries with the wheels off but not firing. I want to portray the bunny sense of urgency of getting into action. Cheers Noelh
  2. They both have 2 engines? A very tenuous link I know. I’ll get my
  3. You can do it Dave, a nice little 2 colour kit, you can chip away over a few months.
  4. it’s on the list of builds next year either as part of a group build or on its own. Cheers
  5. Thanks Wayne, I’m almost there on the tractor unit, just adding personal weapons and webbing.
  6. Thanks Badder, I thought I’d practice my camera skills. I’m particularly pleased with how the uniforms turned out and the difference the miss matched uniforms bring the build to life.
  7. Thanks Stix, I should pull my finger out and finish off the half track.
  8. Yep I’d be up for this one.
  9. Thanks mate, It will look nice on the bridge when I’ve finished it.
  10. Thanks T, I hand painted the figures using Vallejo paints, for the white I can used Tamiya.
  11. Thanks Neilpen. Ive built the kit before a number of years ago, I found the kit on an online auction site for a very good price. I might be immune to Dragons confusing instructions? as I’ve built a number of their kits over the years. I found it went together really well and the instructions weren’t that bad, re jigged the figures to the position on the Gun.
  12. Thanks Stuart, I wanted to portray a late war Gun made up of various other Guns, either late 44 or early 45 melting snow around.
  13. Thanks John, ive been lurking down in the GB area most of the year, I thought it was about time I posted some of my non GB builds.
  14. thought I’d share this with you all as I’ve not been very active up this neck of the woods for a while. Built back in February , it’s part of a larger project with a Trumpeter Artillery Tractor and a Plus model’s bridge. It’s all OOB with nothing added.
  15. no worries Badder, the melting snow will be very much like the Stug Dio I did, but this time there will be more blackened edges. I just popped the tram I built the other year to see where to put the overhead cables, I’m now wavering as I have a Miniart Russian service tram in my limited stash that would look nice with some other bits. Decisions, decisions.
  16. Thanks Badder, I’ve spent most of the year Lurking in the GB area, I built both kits back in Jan, Feb as I found really good prices for both. The 88 is the Dragon kit and the Arty Tractor is the Trumpeter kit. The figures came with the gun although Dragon do them as a separate set. My plan is the scene will be in that mucky time when all the snow is melting away, I’m looking for a suitable base as most planks are 200mm wide I would like to find a 250mm.
  17. thanks mate, hope to see you back at the bench soon? My plan for the water, woodland scenics do a bottle of self levelling acrylic resin. With a dark green blue colour base to give the river water look.
  18. Cheers mate, having seen him on various documentaries, cool as a cucumber is very apt.
  19. Fantastic build Pete, I built one last year a very nice kit indeed.
  20. started this build back in March with the 88 and the Artillery tractor, I had seen a few documentaries with 88’s on bridges retreating from the east. I thought I’d give it a go, I would have liked the bridge to have been a little wider. However the Plus models bridge’s are fantastic, I plan to pop on a base add some water and bobs your uncle.
  21. Watching with interest Colin and will look forward to seeing the finished build in the flesh (plastic).
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