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  1. Cheers Ian, it’s the Dragon kit, it’s a cracking build.
  2. brilliant scene What was the base colour you used for the horses? As I’ve got a horse related dio in the planning this year.
  3. And a Happy New year to you and yours Stix, i was really pleased with my productivity as I had thought it had been a slow year, I’ve got the bridge to finish off for the 88. Ready to start the Matchbox build.
  4. Nice builds Phil, looking forward to seeing the raspberry ripple in the flesh/ plastic. I’ve got a GR-3 on order, looking forward to that build.
  5. Cheers Phill, social distancing has really made my builds look good .
  6. I see from the transmission cover you’ve got a Bulldog in the making, nice job on the tracks those metal tracks really are the business.
  7. Cheers LM, a nice little build to finish off the Year.
  8. Cheers Nimrod, The ball tanks definitely have loads of Diorama possibilities, one wouldn’t look out of place in a Star Wars diorama either.
  9. Nice collection Dave, cracking builds, I like the blue background I will give that a go. The 1:1 scale Land Rover looks fantastic.
  10. Thanks Dave, as I was looking though my pictures, I thought I’d only built a couple this year. I’ve got a couple of bits to finish off, the bridge for the 88 and half track and also a scratch built canopy for the half track.
  11. thanks Dave, happy new year to you all down in Devon, it may be short lived for both sides. thanks Bertie, these ball tanks wouldn’t look out of place in all sorts of scenes, wizzing about with Imperial Storm Troopers or even Batman.
  12. Cheers Cesar, for something that was a bit of fun, it’s turned out really nicely. happy New Year to you too.
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