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  1. I am looking for a kit that has decent fit and goes together fairly easy. I am not too worried about accuracy.
  2. I am looking for an inexpensive B-25 kit (i live in Mexico and customs is expensive). The Italeri 1/72 B-25 kit 1309 is way less cost than most of the rest. Is there a reason why? Thanks.
  3. I am in the process of building the 1/48 Hasegawa P-39 (09093). Kit is going together very well EXCEPT the Air Intakes (Part B1). Horrible fit, huge gaps, and affects wing alignment and wing roots. How could Hasegawa engineered such a horrible piece? Don't they do test fitting before releasing the kit? Sorry for the rant. I am just getting back into modelling after 30+ years and this kit doesn't help.
  4. Randy, your pictures make me depressed!! Do you have any pics of the underside?
  5. I just tried to complete the Hasegawa 1/48 Shinden. The fit was good until I got to the landing gear. Even without weight in the nose 3 of the landing gear was a horrible fit. The gear either kept bending forward or backward. I got so frustrated I tossed the kit away. If I build another one, does anyone have recommendations that I can use to strengthen the landing gear. I am a novice builder so keep that in mind! Thanks.
  6. Andre, Wow, the Vallejo sets are nice. One question...I only brush paint, do you think I can still use them?
  7. Hello again. I use Model Master Acrylic Paint and brush paint. There is no Imperial Japanese Army Green in Acrylic. Model Master Acrylic 4726 was close, but it has been discontinued. I am a casual model builder, so I do not need an exact match. Can anyone recommend a Model Master Acrylic that is closest in color? Thanks, Curt
  8. Thanks Admiral. I got them mounted. I am still curious as to why Tamiya did not have the holes already in the wings. Thanks, CCW
  9. I am building this kit after a long time of not building kits. Of course I did not read all the steps in advance. I did not open the holes in the wings for the hard points for the drop tanks/bombs. I do not understand why Tamiya makes you cut out the holes. Did the P-51B have the hard points always installed on the wings? Thanks, CCW
  10. Dan, Can the Tamiya Paint Retarder be mixed directly in the original bottle? That would make my life so much easier! Curt
  11. In the past, I was using Model Master paint for brushing and never had to thin it. I am now living in Mexico, and I can get Tamiya paint. It brushes on horrible, seems way to think. Getting modelling supplies here is difficult. I have read that you can use 91% Isopropy Alcohol. Can I mix it or something else in the actual bottle? Thanks, Curt
  12. Sydhuey, If your modeling skills were were of a lower level and it had been a while since you built a kit, , would you still get the MPM kit?
  13. I keep going back and forth on which kit to buy based on price. When I was building kits years ago, it was easier to make decisions based on price. I could get a Revell kit for $12 and the other kit (MPM, Tamiya, etc) would be $40. So I would buy the Revell kit knowing if I really messed it up it was only $12. The A-20 MPM and Revell kits are almost the same price. So it makes it more difficult to make up my mind. I am still leaning toward the Revell kit for ease of assembly. I do not want to throw the MPM kit against the wall if it gets too difficult.
  14. Thanks for all of the comments. I will go with the Revell kit. Either the A-20C or the P-70. I will also get a set of aftermarket decals. WOW-The Revell A-20C on Ebay is $30+ with shipping!! The P-70 is a little less: $23 + shipping. Keep the comments coming! CCW
  15. Hello again. I am researching to purchase a 1/72 A-20/Boston kit. I am just getting back into modelling, so keep this in mind with your answers. I am looking for a kit that goes together easily, minimum filler. Specific accuracy problems (rivets,raised/engraved panel lines, etc) are not a concern. Here is what I have found: Airfix: Early Bostons: Very old tool difficult to put together. Revell: Early Bostons/P-70: Old tool ok to put together. Matchbox: A-20G (my favorite version): Matchbox tooling medium difficulty. MPM: A-20G (my favorite version):
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