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  1. The jet as such probably wouldn't win a beauty contest - your model on the other side looks great.
  2. Ha - a lesbian curve - there where other things coming to my mind ;-). This looks indeed useful. Thanks mate.
  3. Thanks mate - will check it out. Cheers, Michael
  4. I am again and again positively surprised how quick one gets very useful replies from friendly and helpful modelers all over the world. Indeed a great place for modelers BM is! Thanks again to all of you - hope to be able to post some picks of my build with perfect panel lines in the near future. Cheers, Michael
  5. Ah - now I get it. Flexible ruler is good idea. Will order one of these tools and give it a try with a flexible ruler. If it's not working, I try to get hold of the Dymo tape
  6. True! Thanks mate - appreciated. Although the colleagues did a good job in explaining it. Cheers, Michael
  7. Thanks mate - good hint. Have to see where I can get the tape from. Cheers, Michael
  8. thanks mate - will order one from there. Cheers, Michael
  9. Thanks mate - the are engraved. When sanding off the Mr. Surfacer part of them came off. dnl42's reply should do it I guess. Again, thanks. Cheers, Michael
  10. Thanks a lot - yes, I mean engraved panel lines. I tried with a knife but always slipped off on uneven areas. Which tool would you recommend for rather thin lines? Not sure I understand what a pin in a pin vise is.... Cheers, Michael
  11. Hi guys, I am building the 1/72 Academy Harvard IIb and used some Mr. Surfacer to close some seams which I then sanded. Unfortunately I sanded some panel lines away and now look for the best way to rebuild them. Any tips? Regards, Michael
  12. What an impressive build - the painting & weathering is top notch. Cheers, MIchael
  13. Hi guys, Does anyone know the best suitable color (Mr. COLOR or Vajello ModelAir) for the correct red of the red/silver Tiger Moth G-ACDC (as per Airfix boxing of 2014)? TIA. Cheers, Michael
  14. Top notch build - like it. Cheers, Michael
  15. Very convincing. Cheers, Michael
  16. Hi guys, Does anyone know what the correct tone of red is to paint the Tiger Moth "G-ACDC" (Airfix release of 2014)? TIA. Cheers, Michael
  17. This is easily one of the best Tiger Moth models I have seen so far. Which color did you use for the yellow?
  18. Not often seen - good to see something different. Well done job. Cheers, Michael
  19. Top notch build - love the Tbolt and yours is great. Cheers, Michael
  20. That was indeed a special mission - must have had big balls theses crew members. Great tribute your model - like how it turned out. Cheers, Michael
  21. Great and colorful builds - nice selection of models and very well executed. Cheers, Michael
  22. What a nice build - looks good from where I am... Cheers, Michael
  23. Nice build - good to see the Fortress in a different livery. Cheers, Michael
  24. A real winner that you have there - love it. Cheers, Michael I recommend to check YouTube - a lot of tutorials out there. Cheers, Michael
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