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  1. wow - this is a real winner - always liked the Papagei Staffel machines. cheers, Michael
  2. Man, what a stunning model. I am Swiss and always loved the Swiss Airforce Mirages - you did it more than justice. congrats and hat off. I do have the kit too and will be happy if mine turns out only half as good as yours. Cheers, Michael PS: for those interested - here a video of the real deal (IIIRS recce) flying in the Swiss alps:
  3. this one turned out very nice - always liked the bird and did it more than justice. Cheers, Michael
  4. I cannot believe that this is your 4th model! I have built around 40 models when I was around 12, 13 years old - ok I wouldn't count them really since I glued more my fingers than anything else and didn't even care to paint my model - and around another 5 since I re-entered the hobby but none of my builds ever looked as good as this Spitfire. I am impressed - a real winner that you have there. Looking forward to see your 10th model
  5. what a lovely build - my only critique: it's not a Swiss Mirage III - what colors did you use for scheme? cheers, Michael
  6. Lovely Dora - looks just great. Cheers, Michael
  7. looks convincing to my eye - I like it. Cheers, Michael
  8. no, I don't like it - I LOVE it! What a convincing build of this iconic warbird - great job. Cheers, Michael
  9. nice model,of a special bird in a attractive scheme. like it. cheers, Michael
  10. wow - thats a real winner that you have there. what kit? cheers, Michael
  11. Lovely build Cedric - looks very convincing to my eyes. Greetings from Zurich. Cheers, Michael
  12. Wow - congrats to a really beautiful model. I would say this one of the best looking Spitfire models I have seen this year. Cheers, Michael
  13. Lovely build of one of the most iconic fighter jets ever. You did this bird justice. Cheers, Michael
  14. Wow -a real winner that you have there. Like the beautiful photos.... Cheers, Michael
  15. Yup, looks like a Zero to me. Really nice job. Cheers, Michael
  16. What a stunning model - you did a great job and created a real winner. Cheers, Michael
  17. Fuc...that is incredibly good - easily one of the best Hunters I have seen. Great pictures too. The only suggestion for a correction: Swiss air force markings Cheers, Michael
  18. Very nice - never really was sure if to like the look of the Aircobra or not - looking at your model, I would say yes, I do...
  19. What an ugly - sorry....- but still interesting bird it is.... and you did it justice by building a really nice model. Well done. Cheers, Michael
  20. Nice - it's not the sexiest looking aircraft but it has something - and did it justice. Cheers, Michael
  21. Glad to hear you are still on it Gary - keep them coming. I am since months now working on my 1/72 Academy AT-6 Texan but not really getting along.... the canopy masking kills me.... hope one day to finish it. Cheers, Michael
  22. Very nice - cool scheme. Well done. Cheers, Michael
  23. Lovely - good to see one in a different livery. Cheers, Michael
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