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  1. Thank you all ! Ahah ! I'll maybe add them if I work on the canopy again...
  2. Hi everyone ! Here is a 1/72 Mirage 2000d I recently finished ! I always wanted to build one, here it is. The Revell kit was nice, even though it is slightly inaccurate (the wings are to small, some details are missing...). But hey ! it is 1/72 and I wanted to really finish this one (I haven't done any "model finishing" in a long while). I struggled a bit with the painting, the colors might a little to dark. Also I regret that the canopy doesn't fit... it must be made to be open... and I wanted it in flight. Anyway I hope you'll enjoy !!
  3. Today's september the 15th, and it's been 1 year, 7 months and 29 days that I haven't updated this post... The main reason is the fact that I was studying and I had not much time ... :/ ANYWAY I'm back with more time on my hands, more tools, and I'm going to finish this build. In all this time, not much progress has been made : I painted the vertical stabilizer, to check how glossy the paint would come out. Then I started to take care of that windscreen And I used putty to fill some sort of gap .. the fuselage
  4. Not much going on recently - way too much work to do - can't wait to be back on the workbench

  5. Amazing model, amazing details, amazing plane. It's currently flying in the Paris Show of Le Bourget and it's making A LOT OF NOISE !! I'll go over there to take pictures next saturday ... For now, i'm just taking pictures of him from my flat, 10 kilometers away ... (f=200mm)
  6. I'm loving this ! Amazing details for that scale !
  7. Neat work ! Must have been quite a challenge converting this beast !
  8. Looks nice ! you could just leave it like that But I can't wait to see it painted
  9. I love them ! Especially that finish ! Amazing and inspiring work. I wish I had more time to spend on my models ... Hopefully the summer is coming !
  10. Splendid model ! It redefines the accuracy standards for that scale.
  11. Woww this thing is incredibly detailed for its size ! Fantastic job !
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