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  1. nachjager

    Academy 1/48 F-15E

    Same plastic, different decals: https://www.super-hobby.com/products/F-15E-STRIKE-EAGLE-OPERATION-IRAQ-FREEDOM.html https://www.super-hobby.com/products/USAF-F-15E-Seymour-Johnson.html Hope this helps.
  2. nachjager

    Tamiya 1:32 P51-D Mustang - Finished

    Great build. I have an observation: what color are you using for the cockpit and interior? Zinc Chromate Green? If so it should be Interior Green, with is more of a yellowish olive green hue. The best match I have seen is the Testors Model Master version but Vallejo's has that color to that looks convincing.
  3. Why not an A-10C? Or a OA-4M? How about a Mig-27?
  4. nachjager

    Meng Bradley M3A3 fighting vehicle

    The color that best match modern US vehicles is FS33531. Best match for this color are: Testors Model Master Sand FS33531 Mr Color H313 Yellow FS33531 (The aqueous version match better that the lacquer one) You can also use Vallejo Model Air Sand which is also a very close match. This link will probably answer all your questions: http://armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=211958&page=1 HTH
  5. nachjager

    1/35 M1 Abrams question. which is the best to buy.

    For a modern M1A2 V2/Tusk II variant go with the Academy (kit 13504). It is cheaper than the Dragon kit, easier to build and has the wonderful DEF Model tracks. For the M1A1 version I would suggest to get the Meng's M1A1 AIM/ M1A1 Abrams TUSK, with it you can even build the USMC variant of the tank. There are others kits out there but that's my recommendation.
  6. nachjager


    I concur with your comments, I tried to thin it with Leveling Thinner and, at first, it went gooey but after adding an insanely amount of thinner it went smooth and silky. Btw, the paint I used was the Have Glass color that came out with the USAF Modern jet set so I guess it is the ‘old’ formula. The final finish was a very smooth paint finish, with an eggshell effect that reminds me of the Mr. Aqueous line of paints. As a final footnote, I also experimented with Gaianote’s T-09M Thinner and the results were also very encouraging.