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  1. Hi, my recently built Ki-61 from Tamiya. Hope you like it& P.S. Very nice model btw.
  2. It will be 1/72 kit! First announcement has been made in 2016. But first there will be B737-800 in 1/72 and then A320.
  3. Not Amodel as far as i know. New company Should be ready in 2021 (not earlier)
  4. Just bought the kit and started. First impressions are very positive. Excellent kit from all point of view. Don't have Kitty Hawk but from what i've seen at the web - Zvezda's kit is much better in terms of Some pics you can see at our GreenMats Club...
  5. You can see sprues here http://www.greenmats.club/forums/topic/5213-clearprop-gloster-pioneer-172/?do=findComment&comment=71486 Will be props also /can't tell more at the moment/
  6. Thank you! I think it's just a light reflection ) The canopy itself is OOB - even not polished.
  7. Thanks to everyone! Glad you like it!
  8. Thank you! Not sure about "typical" - i didn't see many aircrafts in such colours...
  9. Спасибо. Рад, что понравилось.
  10. Hello, a few final shots of my Delfin. Regards, Maks Some WIP pics can be found at our forum – greenmats.club/forums/topic/2184-готово-amk-l-29-delfin-148/
  11. Thanks! As for now Wingsy has three Clauds in 1/48. http://www.wingsykits.com/shop/ 1/48 Ki-51 Sonya coming soon. But rumors says there are some 1/72 news to follow...
  12. Hi, some photos of my A5M Claud! Really nice kit from young Ukrainian company Wingsy Kits. Highly recommended! WIP can be found at our forum but there are not so many photos.
  13. My lens had been broken so i had to use another one. And it was not good for making model photos. So these two are the best ones...
  14. Thanks for your feedback! It was new Metal Color series from Vallejo + their black primer + gloss varnish. The paints itself are really good. Actually i did scratch the wing but after sanding/polishing/re-painting it disappeared. But the gloss varnish became a disaster. It was not gloss. It was not smooth. And it killed the metal completely. So i removed it and repaint with my favorite Gunze+Future.
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