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  1. Good afternoon, dear colleagues! I present to you my latest model P-40N from the SH. In comparison with Hasegawa it is much more correct and precise. The only thing that was added - canvas covers and gunsights. . All comments and criticisms welcome! Thank's for your attention, Sergiy (48).
  2. Put me down. I do not know what exactly, but I'll find a suitable "boat".
  3. Excellent assembly, excellent painting! But: Do not break my heart!!! This should be corrected !!!
  4. Yes, I used the wings of a Polish company Attack Squadron: All other differences are not too big and I will make them by hand.
  5. So ... I guess with the placement of the photo I have some problems. I'll try to fix it tomorrow!
  6. Good evening, colleagues! I want to introduce you my last finished model: F4F-4 from USS Enterprise, pilot - Lt. Stanley Winfield "Swede" Vejtasa. And a few photos of the assembly process (you can see some duplication - the F4F-3 is not finished,yet...) All comments and criticisms welcome! Thank's for your attention, Sergiy (48).
  7. P-40 is my favorite plane! Of course I participate !!! But maybe with P-36 ...
  8. http://www.greenmats.club/files/file/16-чертежи-b-26-marauder/
  9. Many thanks to all of you!!! Yes, I used Foxbot stencil decals for final finishing (highly recommend, except for this I know that Alex is preparing a pin-up series for different A-20 in 72 and 48!!!) No, Martin, only Mr.Color paint`s and MiG`s panel line wash. Thank you, Dima !!!
  10. I used this: https://www.hobby.dn.ua/hobby-plus-hob-wire-super-model-elastic-wire-p-57664.html You can also use elastic threads from women's stockings. I'm absolutely serious! These strands are fine to stretch and they are thin, for antennas they fit very well.
  11. You can see it here: http://www.greenmats.club/topic/3533-douglas-a-20-boston/
  12. Good evening, colleagues! This model was started a long time ago, but I postponed it several times due to different reasons. That was not enough information on the navigator's cabin, then exhausting work with undercarriage bay, then... аnother problem's, аnother rit's. And again, and again ... But then I felt ashamed of myself! Gathered with the forces, having thrown all other projects, and AT LAST!!! I FINISHED !!! My Boston !!! Some photos of the assembly process you can se
  13. Oops... Sorry, corrected! About flaps: those that were given in their set of SH - are not correct! I made new ones from thin plastic using photos. Unfortunately I did not take photos in the process. Sorry for my English! Not the wheels themselves (they are quite normal) - racks of wheels and propellers.
  14. Thanks, jean!!! Well, everyone has their own preferences! For me, the A-20 family is more sexual (I hope you will see one of the Boston by the end of the month), but I also love the heirs of a Lodestar, and only wait for a convenient moment for all of them (and for Harpoon too!) ...
  15. Good afternoon, dear colleagues. I want to introduce you the C-60 Lodestar in my favorite 72nd. Model was assembled almost OOB (unfortunately the racks of wheels and propellers were of very poor quality and I had to make completely new ones). This plane had a very interesting history - originally a civilian C-60 was painted for the RAF, was sent to Australia but was used by the US Air Force. He went through the war and after was returned to the United States. So: C-60 Lodestar "The Texas Wrangler" from 21th Air Transport Squadron, 374th Troop Carrier Group of USAAF, Archerfield air
  16. OMG!!!! Only three months? So, I have to start right now!
  17. I would like to take part, but not sure that will be enough four months for B-17... Well, I'll try!
  18. Thank you! For me it will be very interesting!! Unfortunately I have not found a good enough information about the bomb bay yet ... I hope my next A-20 will be more detailed if you find (or make) a good photo! So do I !!!
  19. The MPM made an excellent model (nowadays definitely the best in the 72): But it is very bad (or rather completely empty) wheel wells: It is necessary to work on them: S48. P.S.Model unfortunately is not finished yet ...
  20. Yes, the assembling of main landing gear had some difficulties - I did not have two pages in the assembly instructions, so I do not understand how to use parts from a set. And I just made them using photos . Thanks guys!
  21. Good evening, colleagues. Here my latest assembled model - JRF-5 "Goose". Collected absolutely ООВ, because despite the fact that is short-run, the assembling was magnificent (no additions does not needed)! All comments and criticisms welcome! Thank's for your attention, Sergiy (48).
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