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  1. Steben it is crazy how different the varnish changes the apparent tone or shade of the colours! I do seem to have found myself down a rabbit hole Graham! I definitely don't remember being this fussed about colours when I painted models with my humbrol enamels as a kid! I have been enjoying using my airbrushes and using acrylics though, so I thought I would try to get an accurate tamiya mix. Seems I have made my life complicated haha
  2. Unfortunately I don't have a chip as you have guessed. It really is fascinating as you say. The mixes are so varied, much more than I thought they would have been before I sprayed them! I am so surprised that the two that I though can't possibly be it, 5 and 2, are the two that you say are the closest! So Dark Earth was quite a sandy colour then? I ended up going with number 4 on my model as I thought I would just split the difference haha I will be sure to post a pic when the model is all done. Edit: just for fun I think I will give your mix a try and see how it compares to the others.
  3. Thank you! Here's the image. I think the satin I have used it quite matt anyway. I am just concerned maybe it was in the application. Tamiya is completely matt and I definitely don't want the aircraft to be that matt. Would you expect the application of the satin clear (vallejo) to have that much of an effect on the paint?
  4. Hi all I did some Dark Earth colour tests yesterday using a few mixes I have found on this forum, a surprisingly wide range of colours it turns out! When I did the tests I thought I would also test with some satin varnish on top of the paint and found that the colours are sooo much darker when the varnish was applied. My question is do people/companies take into consideration the effect of varnish on the final finish of the colour, or have I not applied the varnish or paint correctly?! Tried to upload an image from Flickr to demonstrate but the url kept turning red when I inserted the link.
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