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  1. Good choice of subject. Not my usual scale but I shall certainly be ordering one
  2. Could it be a pattern or just wishful thinking?? 2015 - Whitley V 2016 - Whitley in Coastal Command 2017 - Blenheim IV bomber variant 2018 - Wellington IC 2019 - Wellington in Coastal Command 2020/2021 - Hampden????
  3. I certainly find the Airfix Classics range alluring, particularly the WWII British Army and RAF Personnel SETS (definitely more so than when Airfix announced the first bunch) Surprised that the 'leaked' Wellington II wasn't in there instead of the VIII as that seemed like a dead cert
  4. I was in the RAF museum at Hendon about 3 weeks ago and two chaps appeared to be measuring/examining the wheel bays of the 262 in the Entrance Hall. It makes sense now I was in the RAF museum at Hendon about 3 weeks ago and two chaps appeared to be measuring/examining the wheel bays of the 262 in the Entrance Hall. It makes sense now I was in the RAF museum at Hendon about 3 weeks ago and two chaps appeared to be measuring/examining the wheel bays of the 262 in the Entrance Hall. It makes sense now
  5. Thanks for the comments, chaps. After a few delays (a wedding, a hangover, a sickness bug and a recovery), I managed to make some progress. That's the 'office' done before a bit of Clear and some weathering. A bit of a close-up while I have the fuselage taped up. This is where the project sits at the mo. Excuse the leather tag at the top of the photo, it was a donation from a pair of shoes that were purchased last-minute for the aforementioned wedding. It's relatively thin and it cuts up quite nicely under a craft knife so I was toying with the idea of using it for scratchbuilt seat cushions/bomb-aimer mats on a later build
  6. Hi all, This is going to be my first build on Britmodeller. I've been lurking for ages and each kit that I build, I promise that I'll upload it but I don't get around to it. I figured this would be as good a time as any to start. Hopefully my pictures will upload from photobucket without a hitch, i've tried using the guidance in the Help section. I had a little mooch around for inspiration and was planning on doing a Kenley-based subject because that's my local Battle of Britain aerodrome and I used to do my gliding with the ATC there. I was going to do a new-tool Airfix 1/48 Hurricane but due to me changing jobs in August I wasn't sure that I would be able to do such a kit justice with the time restraints. Thus I have chosen to build a smaller subject that I'm fairly confident that I can turn around before the deadline instead of failing to deliver. If I race through it, the Hurricane or a Luftwaffe subject could be my second entry. I assessed the Battle of Britain relevant stash items (most of them tend to be in red boxes) I opted for this winner My subject is going to be Spitfire X4422 QJ-T of 92 Squadron in September 1940 using the Airfix 1/72 kit. For a bit of back story I chose this because I used to spend my childhood summers in the river at Eynsford in Kent and around the village of Shoreham. I used to visit the little Battle of Britain museum there often and I remember people telling me about a Spitfire that crashed on Sparepenny Lane. Now I know that this was Spitfire X4422, piloted by Flying Officer J. A. Paterson from New Zealand who crashed here, sadly losing his life after being attacked by Bf109s on the 27th September 1940. Paterson was previously shot down and bailed out on the 11th September, sustaining severe burns to his face. The articles that I have read about him suggest that his recent injuries may have been responsible for his fate on the 27th. He was only 20 years old when he died. Today, there is a memorial to Flying Officer Paterson at Sparepenny Lane between Farningham and Eynsford which is worth a look and the museum is still in Shoreham. Paterson is buried in Star Lane cemetry in Orpington. X4422 was also notably flown by John Fraser Drummond DFC, Geoffery Wellum's room-mate at Biggin Hill. Drummond was flying X4422 on the 24th September when he attacked the Bf109 of Fw Kuppa of 8/JG26 who made a forced landing on the Isle of Grain. He was also killed in the timeframe the Battle in a collision with a fellow 92 Sqn Spitfire on the 10th October during an interception.
  7. That's interesting, Mottlemaster. I was thinking of scratch-building a PAC launcher as a side project to a Kenley-based hurricane. I only knew of one success with the PAC at Kenley during a surprise low level raid on 18th August 1940 when a PAC system helped drag down a Do17z. I couldn't find any pictures of it and I was using the rather primitive depiction on the info boards at Kenley itself as a guide. It's nice to know it might be more than just a one-shot wonder.
  8. Bf110c (current tool) vs Vickers Wellington MkI It could be a Schillig Roads match-up with a recreation of the old boxart of a Wimpy limping home across the sea while being pursued
  9. Picked up this kit last week, I was considering building it as a specific aircraft for the Battle of Britain GB but alas, no De Havilland aircrew or spinner, only the Rotol. Hannants don't do an aftermarket one either. Back to the drawing board. Tom
  10. Wow, that looks fantastic. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. :-) Tom
  11. This might be old news, but the t-shirts we had the option of voting for are in the preorder section of the airfix website. Nice to see the Battle of Britain one made it Tom
  12. Hi Stew Dapple, Yeah, that's my baby, my thunderbird bass. I did have the airfix 1/24 stuka in the stash which would've been a good choice but I sold it. Checked through my stash and a lot of it is BoB subjects by chance. Might have to take a wander around the remnants of RAF Kenley for inspiration. Tom
  13. Phew, thought I might have missed a deadline. First GB for me
  14. Did anyone else see the BoB Experience set reduced to £9.99? I presume that's going to be the last of the old-tool metal-winged Hurricanes in 1/72 gone, hopefully that increases the likelihood of a new one for 2015. I think the 1/48 hurricane was on the list as well. Tom
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