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  1. Oooof i must be getting old! Now i look at it, well, I am smiling at my own daft ness.
  2. Post 2 MJ271 Stbd upper..... odd thing sticking out near the wingtip. thats what I’m talking about..... It seems odd?
  3. Magnetic stand is (now) obvious! but, it’s a genius touch! Any idea what that is sticking out of the wingtip?
  4. So I am a dozy So and so. life goes on........
  5. Modern kits are something to drool over in most cases I’ve seen! we are in a new world for model making! even since my return things have changed loads, for the better, with the exception of fewer high street model shops. you pretty much can’t go wrong with detail in an Eduard box. Tamiya is usually a safe bet, but research anyway. i find scalemates a good site to start with whatEver kit I’m interested in. Almost every manufacturer has a kit that is past its prime. modern Revell vs the old matchbox moulds they own...... airfix, similar! Ive not built either but miniart and afv club kits look nice! (1/35) New tool airfix is not to be overlooked.... 1/48 meteor is a cool kit, I’ve only dribbled on the parts but it looks nice, reviews etc seem good too. as for airbrushes, Iwata for me too. i started with the tr1 and I’m going to add an m2, I recommended the m2 to a mate for his first airbrush, he is very happy indeed. I think he got a bundle from graphicair or air-craft, can’t remember which now? I find 2 or 3 thin coats with humbrol enamels works ok, not an airbrush finish granted, but certainly not despicable. acrylics, keep the bristles moist. i find tamiya are great to spray! dry quick, and smooth if thinned sufficiently. zero/alclad great but more odour! (Cellulose) Humbrol acrylic Spray great with tamiya thinner. same with life colour.
  6. https://www.aerosociety.com/media/6986/spitfire-tailplane-protection-and-spinning-trials.pdf
  7. What are those Lego clamps? if you don’t mind! please. and this is moral boosting stuff! I'm struggling to build A kit.......
  8. that’s coming on well given the break, exactly on a par with my builds after my first long break. And I still keep dropping them, it doesn’t matter when you fix the legs on, they usually get it on most builds, it’s either that or pitot tubes, and the occasional door or prop. hopefully you’ll get the bug again! And perhaps hello too! (edit)
  9. The Eduard IX is a dream build. the airframe falls together. It is one of the best kits I’ve handled from the building perspective. the Airfix xix also comes out pretty good, I have no bad memories of that build, I wanted another box for another day but never got around to picking one up. You won’t notice the cockpit, it looks great on the shelf! i must say, I acquired the Eduard royal 1/72 spit, and my oh my! That little thing looks very good indeed. Completely blows away all other spits I’ve compared it with in this scale. if you’re a fan, have a look, it’s worthwhile! i built my xix prop this way; stick the pin into the fuselage and leave the spinner/blades off. (I think the normal way of glueing the 3 parts is wrong) then hang the prop on later. It spins if you blow it
  10. September 19th 2019! Finally got around to doing the wheels! Tamiya nato black was used. Everything has had a few coats of Alclad flat. Undercarriage set and drying. 20th September. Final assembly. Just waiting for glue to dry, then I can finish picking the mask. 28th September. Finished! This one took a while to get across the line. At some point I’ll take some decent finished shots..... I tried using ez line thread here. A tad over scale! l should get some RFI shots and do a bit for that........ I've been digging deep for a minuscule amount of modelling mojo! one thing is for sure, it will never leave me. ITS A DISEASE!
  11. Thanks for the pointer on the tub fixing! i have one of these in a part finished state...... the tub to fuselage bond was a problem I didn’t find a fix for. i have borrowed your method! cheers.
  12. Revell re popped the Hawker Hunter in 1/72!

    i got my mojo back by ordering 2!

  13. The Revell condor c5/8 or the bomber version (same Mould) is very good indeed! I think it has the bmw fafnir f8? (From memory) which is incorrect for the civil version. the trumpy kit has issues around the tailplane (shape) but! AND ITS A BIG BUT! i cannot verify the drawing I used to compare. The Revell fuselage was a good match to this drawing. the trumpy kit does have good internal detail aft of the cockpit/engineer bay. again a but! It is only of use if building a military version, with extra fuel cells. think Atlantic or (maybe) Norway. the ventral gondola is better in Revell. what did I say in my assessment of the two kits? Trumpy copied a drawing revell copied the airframe! edit- just found it! post 12
  14. Hi, it's very good to hear it directly from the researchers themselves. Absolutely directly from the horses mouth! That final paragraph does suggest to me it is conclusively blue........I would have taken that as gospel.....exactly as I did! So it's still open to interpretation? Hopefully some pilots notes/log book or similar will surface in time. Surely there must be rare gems still to find. Im (95%) sure I read about paint colours being unearthed in museum restorations so there is always a chance for something even that far fetched. Good luck with the research, whatever it may yield.
  15. Eagle cal and cutting edge have blue checks Maybe based on this........ http://www.stormbirds.com/experten/products3addendum.htm I haven't chased it too much but i guess it's another colour conundrum that we will be dealing with until definitive evidence (like a wreck with a paint sample) turns up in a barn somewhere!
  16. Hi Tony! last time I signed in here the page had a different header! So it's all changed...... I haven't done very much modelling at all this year I'm afraid. I got sidetracked after Christmas as my decals for the me 262 arrived, naturally I switched the bench to accommodate that build! (Very nearly finished) Most of the year ive been struggling financially and as such, have been unable to concentrate properly on anything save where I'm getting the next car payment from. Times are good again. Expect work to continue in due course. If you need anything (like a copy of the seat blank maybe or who knows what! Maybe a bit of luggage rack?) let me know....... I'll do all I can to sort you out.
  17. I use a mixture of things. charcoal pencils (derwent) both white and black, not sure of the numbers off the top of my head. white oxide from life colour. (Tensochrom) smoke from tamiya. regular black acrylic paint. hairy sticks mostly, bit of airbrush. dab of dry brushing. And good old fashioned drawing......... normally works best on a Matt base.
  18. Sat in a spitfire today!

    cant beat that......unless you're the guy that flew it!

  19. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this build. proper modelling! looking forward to the finish
  20. This is very cool. I really like it!
  21. The big question is, Will it count as one of your five a day? waffengrun unt chips please!
  22. Left side, all decals on before second gloss coat. I used alclad clear again. Some minor silvering on walkways but I dealt with the worst of it. Definitely my prep work! I pushed all the cockpit masking in so I removed it entirely and will refit new stuff before I get the airbrush out. Right side, after second phase, post gloss! Just a few decals left. I don't think I've ever laid markings on a 1/72 wheel before?! Not much point to these shots, progress is all! Only notable point, top right shot, if you look carefully you can see where I cut the carrier film on the fuselage balkenkreuz. I thought I'd finished but the airframe needs a serial code/werk nummer. (so I contradict myself and take a chance) Final shots! Real pleased with how it looks. Took a chance on the academy codes, i couldn't justify the cost of serials for one airframe, I'm fairly sure it will be a while before any more Luftwaffe kits get built (save one condor!). I cut out the bits I needed to build the serial for this aircraft. I'm pretty sure it doesn't appear on any sheets, so that makes it unique! Inevitably the academy serials silvered, quite bad on some numbers, so, after recreating a miniature Seurats circus invisibly with the trusty old number 11, i washed in a thin acrylic gloss to the resultant porosity! This was pressed down in a normal decal like fixing fashion! Most of is sorted, just need to do the opposite side! Then I'm finished........and it's off for matting and final oddments.
  23. The burner cans are the business!
  24. Cheers, I'm almost happy with the paint! For decals, the trick I use is; the cheapest nastiest plastic bristled brush (Think dustpan brush but more like a size 6) and some decal soft by revell! Solution under the decal, line it up. Press it on the usual fashion..... Add more soft over the top, wait a bit, gently press (slight bowing of bristles) being firm (nasty plastic things) they find their way, same thing for panel lines except using a linear motion (drawing away) working from the centre out. The brush is disgusting, I'm not sure how I happened to own it but it does this job well. (It may have come with a really early airfix paints included box? With a grey lid and enamel tinned paint.) If I need to add serious pressure, I revert to a regular soft brush as the plastic bristles can damage the paint layers on the decal and can also tear them too. I am really pleased with the decals, some may say they are a bit glossy but I'm not sure that's an issue as you coat over them anyway? I guess I'll find out when it comes to matting down the finish! It may actually be useful for the ones that have a second decal over the top but I'm not taking any chances here......
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