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  1. Very nice! Get that onto a base and you have a real winner.
  2. Nice work! I really wish Airfix would do a new tooling of this in 1/48th.
  3. Another excellent build from you, great work.
  4. Oh yes, this sounds good, put me down.
  5. This is the Kitty Hawk 1/48 Jaguar GR1. The kit has a bit of a reputation for being a hand full. It has plenty of detail and in my opinion it is the best Jaguar in 1/48 scale. It doesn't come easy though! It is certainly buildable, however it does need a fair bit of work. To start with the instructions aren't great. I had whole sections missing, wrong part numbers and generally pretty difficult to follow. The fit can be poor in areas, there is a good bit of filler all over this one. A a lot of the panels needed work to get them to line up. Locating holes were the wrong size and had to be drilled out, parts were the wrong size and didn't fit and the weapons were quite simply just wrong. It didn't come with wing fences so I had to scratch build them. Even with all these things to tackle it actually wasn't too bad a build. I really wanted a Jag in the collection, maybe that's what carried me through. I wouldn't recommend attempting it if you are just new to the hobby, however if you want a bit of a challenge and a build which may take a bit longer than the usual Airfix or Tamiya then give it a bash. Thanks for looking and please leave any comments or questions that you may have!
  6. I am very glad to see you've returned to this one, best of luck.
  7. Pretty much perfect in my opinion, very well done!
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