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  1. Fantastic work! It looks very nice in those colours, I really like that.
  2. Wow that is really stunning! It looks great with the dirty look, I like it a lot. How did the kit go together?
  3. Lovely work thus far, I can't wait to see it finished!
  4. Really excellent work here, I like the weathering on this one.
  5. I think that it may just be Ultimate grey primer, I'm sure I was happy with colour so I didn't bother painting it. I don't tend to go for exact matches so it might not be the perfect shade. The rest is done in Hataka Barley Grey. I hope this helps!
  6. Works fine for me and I'm really liking it. It seems a lot more modern. As with any business, move with times or get left behind.
  7. Let me have a look in my spares box for tracks, I'm sure I used an AM set on mine.
  8. That is amazing! And thanks for the great WiP too.
  9. Thanks all again! I look forward to seeing it, good luck with the rest of your build! When you put it like that! It’s sad to think it was retired early but these things get political I suppose. I was never lucky enough to see it flying for real, maybe I’ll see one static someday.
  10. That looks marvellous!
  11. Thank you, I’m glad you are a fan. Happy New Year Thanks! I have always really liked the Nimrod and Comet so I am glad to finally have one in the collection, I have had to hang it from the wall to save on space. Happy New Year!
  12. Very dynamic builds, nice work!
  13. The Blue Nose Mustang really looks the business! It looks like its been a good year all round.
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