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  1. Hi Murdo, i uses a base of Alclad aluminium, then AK steel paste (amazing stuff), then finished with a coat of Tamiya Smoke.
  2. This was a commission build for a client who creates amazing photo-composite work. You don't see many of these built, and I'm not surprised as it's a b***h of a kit in places! My client wanted a wheels-up configuration, which the kit does not include so I used a resin aftermarket undercarriage set and worked those into the configuration for raised undercarriage and re-scribed panel lines. A very challenging kit but satisfying results finally achieved! I was also required to build a torpedo and dolly (Flightpath set), a really nice little build!
  3. You really get the sense of what it was like in those cramped, very busy compartments! I can almost smell the oil, cordite and fumes...simply amazing work Fozzy, congratulations! Could you include a photo of your build with a paint tin or similar so we can get a sense of scale?
  4. A real little beauty, and I really like the creative presentation, particularly the red - very striking!
  5. Brilliant! Love it, and want a Spitfire to build with my daughter!
  6. Really nice job on the Dragon kit and great to see one with the infamous 'Dackelbauch'. Those ammo cans look like 50mm shells so I guess Dragon didn't do their homework again hee hee! This does not of course detract from your beautiful work!
  7. Beautifully done!! I love the feathered paintwork from exhaust staining to the camo colours - stunning!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous. Great finish on a classic scheme, well done!
  9. A beautiful build, very nice indeed! OK here goes..."Don't you yell at me, Mr Warwick!"
  10. Hi Tony, a mix of the new AK interactive Luftwaffe colours, Gunze and Tamiya to create varied subtle tones on the three camo colours. The camera does not really pick it up too well however. I opted not to do any pre/post shading as I find it very unrealistic - particularly in 1:72. My references show these aircraft to be very clean for the most part, apart from oil/dirt around the undercarriage areas.
  11. Thankyou all for your kind words! Just to answer you John, the kit is a vast improvement on old Air fix kits and it pretty much fell together with minimal sanding,gap.filling etc. The cockpit is a vital fiddly and as I opted to use master brass barrels, I had to glue the MG stocks to the inside of the clear parts, drill a small hole from the outside and insert the barrels but that was the only hassle really.
  12. Well, after starting this project about 18 months ago, trying to fit in time around my gorgeous baby girl, its finally complete! A nice little kit, a bit tricky in places but a huge improvement on the old Airfix kits that I would not normally touch. Gunze, Tamiya and AK interactive acylics, oil wash/filters and flat/satin finish, kit decals. Additions: - Kit exhaust rings and air inlets replaced with the Quickboost set but there's little difference to be honest. - Replaced all kit MG15's with Master brass barrels - Quickboost resin wheels and props/spinner set (big improvement on kit parts) - Hydraulic lines on undercarriage are copper wire - Built antennae on underside of fuselage from Albion Alloys 0.3 brass rod - Replaced kit pitot tube with Albion Alloys brass tubing - Undercarriage struts from oleo to guard - Added vertical struts to crew access door - Antennae wire is super fine elastic from Ushi Van Der Rosten
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