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  1. Thank you guys! Decals were created using Adobe Illustrator software - in most cases I placed levelled and geometrically adjusted photos of the actual ship in the drawing file and then the shapes were traced. Please note this is a preview only - when I do some more in progress photos I will take one pic of the actual printout. Best regards, Marek
  2. Hello, This time I would like to build something less usual but with very class hull lines - a Royal Navy Type 12 Frigate. I have chosen the old Frog 1:500 scale offering reissued in the former Soviet Union under the Огонёк brand. Last September I have found it on sale for the whopping amount of 2 EUR while visiting excellent Berlin Gatow model show. Among many good-looking Type 12 vessels I have picked HMS Rhyl during her Malta holiday between 1966 and 1967 - the final stage of the first configuration. Here is the original boxart: The scale is a bit unusual as for today's standards but the interesting subject tempted a few companies to prepare the aftermarket updates: first PE from (Atlantic Models)... ... and 3D-printed parts from Bogeys Bits (via Shapeways). Also, I am going to add self made decals, PE (decks and some superstructures) plus some odd bits and pieces from my workshop reserves. OK, the first cut(s). After the dust has settled the clean lines became to be visible (basically this is nearly all the plastic from the original kit I am going to use): The styrene is quite soft but highly workable. I have downsized the hawser boxes a little to make it closer to the original ones. Tamyia Extra Thin glue made the plastic to settle down a little... ...but some CA glue came to the rescue: The portholes were drilled and filled with brass tubing of two diameters: 0.5 mm and 0.3 mm - the bigger and the smaller ones respectively. The bridge deck has been just glued on and the funnel dry-fitted for the photo. The funnel - Bogeys Bits offer the raked funnel used in the later guises of Type 12. The resin is very hard and a bit brittle but I managed to clean nearly all the grain from 3D printer as well as to drill the top openings. The confused alien has just been born. One last glance at the hull lines... ... and on the small decal sheet I prepared for my model. TBC. Best regards, Marek
  3. Thank you for the nice words. This u-boat was one of the first submarines with an air independent propulsion. Its Walter engine utilised a High Test hydrogen Peroxide as oxidiser for the kerosine. HTP was stored in the rubber tanks hidden beneath the rectangular covers visible on both sides of the hull. The size of the boat was ca. 2/3rd of the type VII uboat size and its hull was exceptionally streamlined to take the maximal advantage of its advanced propulsion system. U-1407 after the end of WW2 went to Royal Navy and was briefly tested as HMS Meteorite - no one seemed to enjoy working with bigger quantities of HTP. Best regards, Marek
  4. Hello, Here's my version of MikroMir kit. It depicts the third boat of the XVIIb type: U-1407. It was commissioned into Kriegsmarine in April 1945 and used for the training, hence the yellow band on the kiosque. The kit parts are quite accurate in terms of shape and dimensions but in some places the detail is missing. To update it a little I created the set of the photoetch plus decals which were used in this build. The model was painted with Lifecolor acrylic paints and Tensocromes. Some smaller details were painted with MrColor C-series paints. The overall varnish comes also from MrColor range. One last pic to show the size of the model: Thank you and best regards, Marek
  5. Ho ho ho! Three new sets hit our store shelves: First one - for the recent F-Toys MiG-17 featuring external bits such as wing fences, undercarriage doors, IFF probes - nothing out of the ordinary. However - nobody expects: Cameras & Tripods. A small set which may be useful when creating a diorama in our favourite scale. The last bit is our first take on Vickers Valiant. This time we focused on the engine accessories: turned brass jet cans and etched+turned compressor faces. A full size companion PE set will follow in the future. Kind regards, Marek
  6. Our latest leisure activities in Gatow were quite fruitful. There are some interesting exhibits in hangar no.7 - e.g. Mirage III and Harrier GR.1. We appreciate a lot the possibility of making a very detailed walkaround. Below is the effect - the prototype frets (for Mark I kits) are currently bathing in the acid accompanied by two more sets: Su-27 (Trumpeter) and MiG-17 (recent F-Toys). Stay tuned! Best regards, Marek
  7. Hello, I am looking for a scan or even a photo of plan included in the Mando Models GAL.61 1/72 resin kit. Recently I got the smaller version of this kit - an 1/144 offering from Anigrand - and would like to update it a little. Kind regards, Marek
  8. These are not our products but we had a small share in their creation. Two brand new items from Brengun: - F-Toys Tempest vacformed canopy - Sweet FM-2 vacformed canopy plus two older ones: - F-Toys F-106A vacformed canopy - F-Toys MiG-29 vacformed canopy Keep 'em coming! Best regards, Marek
  9. A new PE set has reached our shelves: a small fret with three FuG 200 antennaes used in various Luftwaffe aircraft. Available now! Best regards, Marek
  10. There are a couple of new sets available now – two decal sets ... One set is thought as an add-on to our previous Hurricane sets – stencilling in two colours for the day camo and night machines. The second set makes another installment of our F-47 saga - two colourful USAF and ANG Jugs. ... and three new turned brass items from Master: Pitots for the early versions of Canberra (for two planes)... ... and for a pair of Czech jet trainers – L-29 Delfin: and L-39 Albatros: Best regards, Marek
  11. Gday! Last weekend the Shelf Oddity team have spent in sunny Czech Republic attending the bi-annual Modell Brno event. Organized by Eduard gathered a vast quantity of small scale models and modellers from many countries. Beside the all-time favourites like Revell's F-14 or Eduard's Super 144 line kits there was a significant number of a bit more unusual built stuff like A-model, Dora Wings, Eastern Express, Mikromir, Minicraft... the real 144 galore! The panoramic shots can give a nice comparison of size and shape between the models. Please excuse the number of the pics but it was hard not to photograph too much... Also, we would like to thank and send warm greetings to all fellow modellers and small scale producers we have met and talked with during the event. It was a real pleasure! Now, enjoy the pics! (courtesy by lejgo_inc and myself). See you next time! Kind regards, Marek
  12. As the La-5 update set shown on the pictures above is already available we would like to present a sneak peek of one of our next releases: Mirage IIIC/E for the Mark I kit. Stay tuned!
  13. The Beverley has landed! The new set is finally available in our store. It is accompanied by the mixed-media La-5 update set (PE+decals with stencils) and by the generic FuG 220 antennaes serving various late WW2 Luftwaffe planes. A few pics: All the best, Marek
  14. Hi Vincent, Thank you for the query and for your patience! I have a good news - the sets are already produced and packed. Just the finishing steps with the manual left to do. Hopefully this or next week it will appear in our webstore. Beside of the Beverley sets an update for KP La-5 kits and German FuG220 set will also be available. Best regards, Marek
  15. Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you like the small Vulcan. Best Regards, Marek
  16. Hello, This is my rendition of the early Vulcan B2 XH556 depicted as in No.230 OCU Finningley, ca 1962. The pic of the original is shown below. The Pit-Road/GWH kit and excellent Fundekals decal set inspired me to tackle the Vulcan subject. To portray the early B2 airframe the kit had to be backdated a bit - the nose cone and a tail-tip antennaes as well as in-flight refuelling probe had to be removed. Hopefully the coming GWH Blue Steel release will make things easier. The by-product of this build is the ShelfOddity PE set. MrColor GX Cool White and GX100 Super Clear III lacquers, which allowed for easy surface polishing, made the painting a relatively straightforward task. Finally – a big thank you to Leszek lejgo_inc for taking the photos. The mind-boggling task of preparing the final pics was my share. Beginning of 1960s, RAF Finningley. Waiting for the sunrise. The overall view. The bottom side – airframe from 230 OCU depicted here just started getting dirty. A couple of details. Thanks for viewing and best regards, Marek
  17. Thank you gents! I think JB-2 was only slightly updated version of the original V1. Russians went a bit further with their 10Kh aircraft. Hope that Brengun someday will scale down to 1/144 their offering of Chelomey 16KhA in 1/48. Regards, Marek
  18. Hi, We would like to start this thread with a small quiz. Could you tell which kit is going to wear the brass shown below? Best regards, Marek
  19. Hi, A small blast from the past. The model represents JB-2 Loon, #902 belonging to the newly formed USAF, Alamogordo proving grounds (later Holloman AFB), New Mexico ca. 1948. The launcher with RATO bottles, front propeller, finer surface details and engine pipe plus its front support were scratch built. The wing was also repositioned - moved to the rear a little bit. It was my first approach to the glossy white paint (Gunze Sangyo C series) and it is a bit overdone. The panel lines (in fact welds) on the engine were drawn with very sharp pencil on matt Olive Drab paint and then the whole thing was weathered with artistic oils. First, a photo of the original airframe: Source: The Internet A few shots from production hall... ... and the final result: Enjoy! Marek
  20. Remaining two decals sets from the last batch are finally in store. Post-war Thunderbolts used by Imperial Iranian Air Force and Armee de l’Air. Plus seven new releases from Master: MiG-15/15bis, MiG-21SM/MF/bis, MiG-29, Mirage IIIC/5, F-5E (conical and shark nose) topped by Gloster Meteor. Details of the MiG-15 set... ... MiG-21 pitot tube including ultra thin 0.05 mm brass PE fret with pitot vanes... ... and a pitot tube for already announced Mirage IIIC/5 kit from Mark I. Available now at www.shelfoddity.com! Regards, Marek
  21. Such an interesting event it was! Plenty of small scale models (sorry for the amount of pics!), very nice meetings and brilliant (bright and spacious) venue. Once again a big Thank You to JBr Decals and Miniwing for possibility of having a joint-stand! Onto the pics (courtesy by lejgo_inc and myself). First a few views across the 144th scale contest table... ... and a glimpse of our ShelfOddity stand (with JBr's models on the horizon) : What exactly was on the contest and the club tables? A lot! First, two photos of the same F-14A: A super-detailed F-14D on one of a club stands: The newest Eduard 144th scale kit portfolio - MiG-15UTi in the livery present in the ticket-set... Its camouflaged colleague from East Germany: And an absolute gem - a Bulgarian machine (check the riveting!): Some more jets: Back to propeller era: A different kind of propeller: Of course passenger liners were displayed too: A lonely Tupolev... ...in the Boeing county: A tad smaller (1/200) but nevertheless interesting Lufthansa 737-200: The highlight of the displayed collections was this gathering of machines used in Czechoslovak/Czech AF: Best regards, Marek
  22. Hi all! We would like to present the models in 1/144 scale we have seen during different model shows. Let us start with Gatow event organised by IPMS Deutschland. The first weekend of September we had a really nice day of meetings with fellow modelers, looking at models and comparing them with their 1/1 scale counterparts exhibited in Berlin's Gatow Museum. Relaxed atmosphere, very friendly crew and brilliant surroundings – it is a place definitely worth coming back. Please find a couple images of models in our favourite scale (courtesy of lejgo_inc): Best regards, Marek
  23. Thank you Vincent! The Beverley photoetch is planned for SMW Telford. During E-day a few more new decal sets were shown, this time jets: F-15E in various markings: A rather special Skyray... ... and a few early Tomcats: Available soon! Regards, Marek
  24. Hello, Please see some new items prepared for coming E-day event - a propeller ones. A bunch of pitch-black Hurricanes... ... and a T'Bolts selection: In case the the markings are not enough we have a T'Bolt stenciles too: Available soon! Regards, Marek
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