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  1. got an email confirmation from AMK regarding my orders via indiegogo. i guess its on its way soon! instead of the free tshirt or hat, they are giving weapons packs.
  2. Thanks! Yeah im a bit concerned because my address haa changed since then. How do i get in contact with Sio?
  3. Does anyone know what happens with the the indiegogo orders? I ordered 2 back then, but i cant find anymore info on how they will send them out.
  4. Hi, While trying to look for this on HLJ, they have one by Doyusha coming in May and looks the same. Are Academy and Doyusha the same brands? https://hlj.com/1-144-scale-usaf-b-1b-lancer-dys41263
  5. Thank you all for your kind words! Figure came with the kit which i really like. The new tamiya spitfire kit has a great looking figure too, can't wait for it.
  6. Hi all, Thought I'd share my recently completed model. First time trying out mottling and boy its a challenge. I used a variety of Gunze and Tamiya paints. I chose to paint the blue band instead of using the decal so I could have a bit of a fade effect on it. I really love the simplicity of Tamyia kits and the detail. I think their new pilot figures look really neat too. I can't wait for more BF109 variants. Hope you like the pics!
  7. Hi, Great build! I too am interested in the prop as I"m trying to do one for a 1/72nd Mosquito. If I may ask, what kind of thin plastic did you use? and what did you do use do the actual cut? Andrew
  8. I heard on hlj.com videos that its probably more to do with being able to provide 1 piece horizontal stabilizer. Similar to the 109g kit. It allows modellers an easier way to align them than 2 separate pieces.
  9. Thanks Mike, yeah tried polishing it outside and in, no improvement unfortunately
  10. Thanks Stu! Damn, its a Witty Wings F-16. My other models around it didn't seem to have this problem with the. Shame about this one.
  11. Hi, Though its not a plastic model, its a diecast model, but over time the canopy has turned white. Does anyone know if this can ever be fixed?
  12. I just received my packets containing sprues A,E,L and M. I love the service the HLJ. For any of the tomcat nuts out there, can I make an early A with this kit? I hoped to build an A with the Ghost Riders squadron, but I don't know if its enough to just cut off the AoA probe as I don't see a separate probe for it. nvm, I found the piece on Sprue L.
  13. My response from HLJ was they found a couple more like that in their warehouse. And someone else has also reported similar problem. I'm guessing that was you Uncle Dick! They said they are following up with Finemolds.
  14. i just received my 2 kits from HLJ and unfortunately somebody screwed up on the packaging. I got 2 bags of sprues for the Fuselage and wings, so no forward fuselage! I don't know what i'm supposed to do with that. I sent an email to HLJ about it. I wonder if someone out there has a box with 2 forward fuselage sprues and nothing for the main and wings. I noticed this kit didn't come with any weapons, which is a shame.
  15. Thanks very much for the info guys! I thought maybe something was wrong with Tamiya as other kits don't feature it. I'm really amazed Tamiya would notice something like that.
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