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  1. On 10/27/2021 at 7:16 AM, Whofan said:

    I would pay money to have seen her face!


    You would have to pay a lot, as it didn't happen. The interview didn't even happen... 


    While Cosgrove is Australian, he's not only the ex-Chief of the Defence Force, he's also an ex-Governor-General. As the holder of the highest rank possible in Australia's military, as well as being the Queen's representative, I'm pretty sure that he can keep a civil tongue in his head regardless of provocation. 


    The original of that unfunny joke is possibly lost in the mists of time, but it's been around so many times that it's about ready for a Jackpot to come up. 


    Sorry' bout that. 

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  2. I've done the same with cheap Chinese dropper bottles. While the bottles will last and seem to be impervious to most thinners, the pointy bit on the top of the cap will crack off given a bit of time and pressure. Also, they don't seem to seal all that well - a long term storage option they are not, the paint dries out in a couple of months, but for mixing up a batch to use while working on a project, they're OK. I am in a hot tropical part of the world, yon cooler climes may (I stress 'may') be different, and the seal may be sufficient to keep long term. 


    I have AK and MIG bottles that seem to seal, at least the paint in those is still good - do those guys sell empty bottles? The OEM bottles seem to be of a better quality than the Chinese ebay version. Might be worth chasing some down. 

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