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  1. Under the skin, trucks are generally fairly boring - engine and gearbox are usually the same (boring) colour, as they're assembled and then sprayed (including all the accesories such as injector pumps), diffs are black, air and fluid lines are sprayed at the same time as the chassis, and chassis rails are generally red or black or (rarely) in a customer specified fleet colour. Sometimes, literally everything's the same colour from the factory. Have a look at some generic factory spec truck photos to get the flavour. Things like air compressors and alternators, and exhaust manifolds will be different, but generally only black, bare metal or cast metal. 


    Show trucks are different of course, but even a customised highway truck is usually drab underneath.

  2. From what I recall reading in various books and articles over the years (probably plagiarised from the same source, and no promise as to its accuracy) the tyres were painted white to protect them from UV, especially in the desert, as replacement wasn't always an easy option due to the low availability of rubber to the Germans.


    Edit: in fact, on closer examination, the caption for the lower photo states exactly that.

  3. All the above, with the additional comment that if you don't yet have / can't afford/justify a set of micro drills, you can just use the tip of your #11 blade. Be careful not to over-enlarge the hole, and be aware that it's pretty easy to snap the fine tip off the blade, but it's quite doable - I did it for many years when I was a young'un, and still use the technique when I can't be bothered finding the right drill. 


    When you do look for micro drills, there's no need to spend a fortune - plastic is pretty easy to drill, so an el-cheapo set will do until you figure out what exactly you need/want. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

    I just don’t understand the appeal of a KUTA build. Throw them away and move on! Spending precious time building something that you discarded years ago is like saying the dog’s dead but I’m still going to keep it!

    You must've grown up rich. I've never been comfortable with wantonly throwing away something that cost me time and sweat to acquire. As a result, I'm pretty careful with what I buy, even now that I'm financially OK. I bought it because I want to build it; as Heather has said, there's reasons why it has yet to be finished, but it's still on the list. A dead dog should be buried, or else it'll stink, a discarded kit just takes up a little space. 

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