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  1. instead of pressing F5
  2. on the mistaken assumption
  3. and someone removes the
  4. seat to a camel (Mammalian or aeronautical, your choice)
  5. Ah, that'll be were I went wrong - no kids to care about me. Oh well, I'll just keep on going the way I am, enamels and lacquer sans protection. And I'll use OLD enamels, too, you know, the proper ones what've got lead and stuff in 'em. (You know what they say - if you're not livin' on the edge, you're takin' up too much space.)
  6. What a strange chap...
  7. nothing but bills... Wombats (been a while since we saw them)
  8. I was simply attempting some humour. Vallejo have oft-discussed issues with colour accuracy, adherence and consistency (and other things, as you pointed out). For many people, they're utter pants as paint. If they work for you, more power to your elbow. We use what we use, and it's no one's business but our own. Apologies if I inadvertently struck a nerve, or gave offence. None was meant. On reflection, maybe 45 odd years of pointing brushes used for Humbrol enamels has had a long term effect. Nah, couldn't be....
  9. which isn't allowed here (despite many instances where it is...)
  10. - sort of like marriage
  11. Yet another Karaya kit, this time their 1/72 Fairey Flycatcher. This despite me having no less than 4 copies of the old 1/48 Inpact kit in various boxings, as well as Armory's beautiful 1/48th kit which I bought direct from their stall at Telford in 2019. The Flycatcher is 'one of those', the ones that just grip me, like Twotters, E.E. Lightnings and BAe 146s... I know, I have issues...
  12. for shoes - completely misheard
  13. Well, that gives them one possible use. Anything else?
  14. They didn't apply area rule, because although the German aero industry had worked the basics out in the early '40s, the rest of the world (actually, the US) didn't catch on until the early '50s, and then it was secret - given only to military contractors with a need to know. It was 1957 before the theory was made generally available to the rest of the world. The CF-100 flew in 1950, thus missing the area rule bus by quite a margin. On the other hand, it did have a 31 year life in service, which ain't bad for a 50s airframe. I agree, that's looking pretty darn good!
  15. change - they're pretty lackadaisical
  16. to the future, Marty* *not intended as a reference to our Marty. ** ** unless he wants it to be, in which case, have at it!
  17. like a private investigation
  18. and again, and again, (Stairway on pipes... Has it been done?)
  19. and dhining is usually (I thought that I'd make it fit.)
  20. dipped in egg, crumbed
  21. about wind-up plastic mice
  22. You can't insert images here because you can't insert images here. The hosts made the decision when the forum was set up to save storage space, bandwidth and money by only allowing links to images stored elsewhere. Therefore, you need to host your photos on another site, many here use Flickr and similar, and then link to them. Read here for how-to https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235008824-how-do-i-post-pictures/ and in that same FAQ section is a list of hosting sites that may be useful. Also, be careful that you own the copyright of what you post or have the copyright owner's permission to use it, or that the copyright has expired/never existed before you post. If not, there's every chance that your post will be deleted. HTH.
  23. A second hand Italeri Norton Manx 500 and also a real unicorn, the Gunze Sangyo BSA DBD34 Gold Star in 1/12th, for which I paid too much, but a lot less than they seem to be going for online. I'm happy.
  24. of a Chinese copy
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