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  1. there's no heaven, man
  2. I was considering buying (and doing) another one, but seeing as you've got it sorted Dave, I'll see what else I have. That box art is, for me, an enduring image from childhood.
  3. to go, it's crazy
  4. I've never measured the Matchbox kit, but the Skyhawk always was a leggy lass, so a bit of height looks about right!
  5. and have white chocolate (which isn't chocolate, it's a crime)
  6. instead've an attack helicopter
  7. thing the Romans've done
  8. . Actually, some of us DO have many problems with the forum, it's just that we shrug our shoulders, and move on to doing something more enjoyable than wrangling with duff software. I also get the will it / won't it post thing, and I've stopped counting the 500 errors. All on multiple platforms and separate internet connections, I might add. It's no biggy, there's other things to do.
  9. Nice one, Heather! That etched cockpit reminds me that I have an unfinished early Eduard kit with an etched cockpit to finish... Mine, however, looks nowhere near as nice as yours.
  10. next November it'll rain
  11. Meanwhile, in greater Lowestoft
  12. , a dash of bitters
  13. where people waste money
  14. No, it's the F4U Corsair that's the same kit...
  15. secret love child, who (yeah, I dunno either...)
  16. put your lips together
  17. by Marvin the Martian (my favourite cartoon character)
  18. unlike execrable 007 movies (in fact "Tomorrow Never Comes" could be the title of one)
  19. are the future, baby
  20. fitted to make Mars
  21. and having a cuppa
  22. blowing my tiny mind
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