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  1. Trying again, for the 9th (seriously) time, including 3 attempts at sending a PM. Given the requirements for the issuing of an RAF badge, it's not a big surprise that 2.TAF didn't get one during the war - they may have had other things to occupy their time... The one that's been found (above) wasn't issued until January 1953, which will explain the somewhat un-warlike motto. More info about 2.TAF's badge here http://www.rafht.co.uk/index.php/2016/06/21/second-tactical-air-force-2nd-taf/ And some gen on RAF badges and the process for awarding of same https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/blog/heraldic-badges-in-the-raf/ HTH, even if it's not 'good' news. Edit: Holy Batcows, it worked!
  2. wasn't actually a shark (ah, but you're a local, the Northern rubes may not have known )
  3. you get it? Wobbegong (look it up)
  4. On my way home from a trip 'up north' over the weekend, this was parked at a servo in Townsville. I'd say that it's a vinyl wrap, didn't get to speak to the owner.
  5. I'd say that the message 'Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator' is a fairly positive indication that they don't don't want to add new members to the forum. Why, only they know. Possibly there's been some ill health or even a death of the forum's main admin, it wouldn't be the first time. Good luck.
  6. increases their iron levels (staple diet, geddit? Fine, whatever...)
  7. that eat the mangoes (annoying darn creatures) (I dunno, penguins can swim...)
  8. than Woolloomooloo don't exist
  9. Steady, Go!, Countdown, MTV
  10. There's a place here that counts your posts? Wow.
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