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  1. there's a white room
  2. whatever that may be
  3. and there's no privacy
  4. in the costume department
  5. or there'll be trouble
  6. Quite by coincidence, these popped into my purview. A bit of searching may find them on U-models' website or at a UK retailer, which would be more convenient for you. https://www.bnamodelworld.com/buildings-scenics-diorama-u-models-um545
  7. , a new dance craze
  8. Mark. 'Marque' is just a 2 dollar word for 'brand'.
  9. aren't practical tank transporters
  10. I'm pretty sure that Spike Milligan wrote a radio documentary about this.
  11. about the whatsit thingy (Re Mills and Boon, I believe that the term is 'bodice ripper', and I have read reports that a significant percentage of the writers are male.)
  12. Mills and Boon books
  13. bad acting in bad
  14. vans and rusty Cortinas (are there any other sort?)
  15. trousers and matching wallet (I actually saw "Made from genuine imitation pigskin" on a wallet many years ago. It was long before the days of phone cameras, (long before the days of mobile phones, actually), so I didn't get a photo. But it's always stuck with me.)
  16. Thanks Ed. I signed up for the newsletter on the website, which was what I understood to be required (and I have received emails from RR, just not about this set) and BM isn't showing that I have messages waiting ... Gotta love technology, eh. No dramas, I'll get online and order what I need today. Thanks! Edit: I looked, and there's no unread PM waiting for me. I'm only using 1% of my allotted space, so who knows? The forum does seem to swallow things from time to time. Gotta love technology...
  17. Annoyingly, I haven't received the promised email about that. Now that I know, I'll go and order what I need. Thanks for the heads-up!
  18. their first album unrecorded (dyed, died - either way, it works. )
  19. which are rather ugly
  20. name in the dessert (uhh huh, yup)
  21. pat's bit of fluff (Does he have one? I have no idea.)
  22. , and left on t'doorstep
  23. the ball into touch
  24. Apparently it's an Italeri original. Tamiya thought it good enough to put their badge on it, too. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-1415-f-15c-eagle--1145490
  25. from badly written games
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